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All human beings are entrepreneurs. When we were in the caves, we were all self-employed…finding our food, feeding ourselves. That’s where human history began. As civilization came, we suppressed it. We became “labor” because they stamped us, “You are labor”. We forgot that we are entrepreneurs. (Muhammad Yunnus, Nobel Peace Prize winner and microfinance pioneer)

Jack Dorsey Interviewed by Kevin Rose

Jack Dorsey, CEO and Founder of Square, is interviewed by Kevin Rose. After creating the most used micro-blogging platform ever, Twitter; Jack Dorsey is on the wave with his new startup, Square. Dorsey is a classic young Entrepreneur, at the same level of Elon Musk, that knows what Innovation means. That’s why he is number Two on our list of The Top Tech Living Entrepreneurs.

Drew Houston – Finding Your Way As An Entrepreneur

Drew Houston, Founder and CEO of Drobpox, recounts his experience from being a student at the MIT to building one of the most famous startups of the last ten years. Finding your way as an Entrepreneur is the best journey of your life, but it is also the hardest.

Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger – From Stanford To Startup

Kevin Systrom, Founder and CEO of Instagram, gives a speech about his entrepreneurial journey with his cofounder Mike Krieger. The most interesting thing about this startup was the equity share between the two cofounders. Kevin owned 90% and Mike 10%. Further Instagram got firstly founded as Brbn, but then they decided to Pivot.

Simon Sinek – How Great Leaders Inspire Action

Simon Sinek is not an Entrepreneur but he talks about Entrepreneurs that have made history by believing in what they were doing. This is absolutely the best TED Talk ever you want to become an Entrepreneur or if you are in the process of hiring someone for your company. Our advice is Hire people who believe in what you believe.

Steve Jobs’ 2005 Stanford Commencement Address

This Steve Jobs’ video became famous after his death, but I guess a few of use really understood its meaning. As he says at some point in your life, “all the points will be connected” and you will be able to see a wider picture. The best lesson we can learn from Jobs is how important branding is, because without it, your company doesn’t exist.

Reid Hoffman: Entrepreneurs Will Create the Future

Reid Hoffman, Founder and CEO of Linkedin, who also wrote The Startup Of You, talks about his past experience at Linkedin and about Entrepreneurship.

Tom Preston-Werner at Startup School 2012

Three things are important in a company, PPP. People, Philosophy, Product.

Web 2.0 Expo NY: Gary Vaynerchuk (Wine Library), Building Personal Brand Within the Social Media Landscape

A great TED Talk from a guy who has built a social media empire. He doesn’t tell his past experience, but he encourages us to go out there and build what we want.

Dave Morin Interviewed By Kevin Rose

Dave Morin, Founder and CEO of Path, gives us a great lesson about social media and social networks.

Ron Conway at Startup School 2012

Ron Conway, who has been on the startup scene for the last thirty years, tells us about Napster, Google and all the companies he has invested in. This is a must watch.

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