10 Reasons I Want Google Glass

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There are just a couple of months left between us and the shipping of the first Google Glass version. The company was aiming at shipping them by the end of 2013/ beginning of 2014, so we are expecting them very soon. If they can’t make it in the first quarter, we will probably see them at Google I/O, two years later after being presented. We nominated it as one of the most expected technologies in 2013, but Google decided to keep us waiting without even showing the product updates in his annual conference, I/O.

#1 – Google Glass Style

google glass 300x225 10 Reasons I Want Google GlassStyle is one of the main reasons I want Google Glass. Most of you might think people waring Glass look weird or are the so called “glassholes”, but I believe with Google Glass you look cooler. Google didn’t want to build a horrible product, that’s why the design is almost perfect and it doesn’t interfere with your eyes. Further if this device can be integrated with lens, it’ll be much cooler than it is now without any lens at all.

#2 – Maps

The ability of walking without looking at a phone or at a real map is what we have been dreaming for the last years. With Glass, we can simply walk, interact with the people we meet, without holding or reading anything, we just need to carry on and look into our small screen in front of us.

#3 – Hangouts

I am not a hangouts user. I don’t use them very often and I have to admit I have been in less than 10 hangouts since they were released, but think about calling through your Google Glass. The whole experience changes. It’s not you sitting on a chair and looking into the screen, but it’s you showing other people the things around you. That’s a game changing feature that will make hangouts even more popular, if they are integrated in the right way. When they introduced Glass at Google I/O 2012, the demo was amazing, because it really showed us how powerful a hangout could be. You don’t always see people parachuting while having a hangout with Sergey Brin, who was talking to them from the stage.

#4 – Videos and Pictures

These are the two features we are waiting for. Google Glass can help you take pictures and videos whenever you like it without losing special moments of your life. Think about taking a picture of your child while you are playing or even filming yourself while skiing on top of a mountain. We didn’t know how revolutionary a camera on you eyes could have been until they showed us. Although there are people saying there is a huge problem with privacy, I don’t care. If Google decided to add a red light for letting people know the device is video recording, it would have changed the whole experience.
google glass sunset 1024x408 10 Reasons I Want Google Glass

#5 – Voice Sharing

It’s funny that in 2013 we still can’t share things properly through our voice, but with Glass we’ll be able to do it in a simple way. Think about tweeting without reaching your phone or about posting a picture on Facebook, just by winking and then uploading it with a text recorded through your voice. That’s the present, even though it seems too far for people living in 2013. Our hope is it won’t be that far in 2014.

#6 – Knowledge

Glass is an extension of what we have, our phone. For this reason, everything we have access to, from Wikipedia to News we’ll be available through Google Glass. The ability to question a device at any time and get a reply is not something we have already seen, especially if the device is on your head. Thanks to this device and all the devices that will be available in the next ten years, we’ll become smarter by learning while using the device.

#7 – Voice Messaging

Messaging is everything and if we could do it in a smart way without using our hands, while driving, it would be perfect. Glass solves this problem too. Since the device is connected to your phone, you can easily read the texts you receive and quickly reply through your voice. Even though, it might seem awkward to start talking to Glass in a crowded place, it may help you in other circumstances where your hands are doing something else.

#8 – Translate

Are you on a holiday trip in Japan and you don’t know how to say “Thanks”? Google Glass can solve that problem in less than ten seconds by just questioning the device. Languages will become easier to learn for the people studying them and they will be more accessible for the people who don’t know them. “Yes, but I can still do that with my phone.” That’s true, but with Google Glass you can do it in less steps without being bothered to take your phone from your pocket, turn it on, look for the translate app, write text and get a proper result. Since it is an extension of what you already can do, we are not talking about how innovative it is, but how easily certain tasks can be achieved.

#9 – I want to live on the internet

Glass is the device that will let us live on the internet. It’s a turning point for the whole industry and it’s just the beginning of a big revolution that starts with Glasses and will end up with smart tables and even “smart walls”. In the next years, the internet and the human race will be the same thing, integrated in one single network. It’s not a futuristic vision like Matrix. It’s more something that we will achieve through the years. The knowledge, the interactions and the content of the biggest network on earth needs to get closer and closer to the human being.
google glass colors 1024x408 10 Reasons I Want Google Glass

#10 – I Want To Be A Glasshole

Yes, I definitely want to be part of the team. I’ll be the guy wearing them everywhere, because that’s the future that becomes the present. If you want to be an entrepreneur or you want to start seeing how people are going to live in the next thirty years, you need to be a glasshole. I’ll also wear them while dating girls, I still don’t believe a Google Glass will make the difference or make you a jerk. People need to get used to this kind of technology and glassholes are those who are going to make this paradigm shift happen. If you want to be an innovator or an early adopter, be a glasshole and try to use them wherever you are without worrying about what the “others” think of you.

robert scoble glasshole 10 Reasons I Want Google Glass


Edoardo Moreni

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  • Ryan Minnick

    You’re pretty much spot on with your assessment. As an explorer, I can safely say that we all feel the same you do about Glass.

    • http://greatpreneurs.com/ Edoardo Moreni

      The price is the key to make it a success. It depends on what Google wants to do. They are lucky to be the first in the market and now they have to use this position. What do you think the price will be?

      • Sahil Miglani

        True. Pricing will definitely affect a considerable number of people’s decisions on whether or not to give it a go.

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  • Sahil Miglani

    Probably the best summary of the Google glass features I’ve read. small and spot on.