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Top Five Apps For iPad

The iPad is an incredible useful product, but most of the people really don’t know what apps are cool and what are not. The just simply download what they find on the Apple store at a first sight. By using an iPad2 for a year and by reading blogs and articles, I have found the five perfect apps that completely fit in my environment. For this reason I would like to share them with you. Although they are just five, the topics covered by these five apps are several, from enterprise to social.

#1 – Flipboard

FlipboardLogo 150x150 5 Top iPad Apps   Shake Your iPad Wisely

Thanks to Robert Scoble, I have been able to discover what Flipboard is about. This outstanding app looks like your personal newspaper; in fact it is a magazine format application software. After installing the Application, you are able to follow what you like most and you can connect the app to many services such as Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus. In order to read the pages, you just need to flip through them and let the mind read. This app has definitely passed its competitors Zite and Pulse. Moreover thanks to the way it is built, Flipboard could be easily monetized with different business models. This makes Flipboard a five stars idea, which is going to impress us in the next years. If you don’t have an iPad yet, you can also download this app on Android and iPhone.

#2 – Vodio

vodio icon 150x150 5 Top iPad Apps   Shake Your iPad Wisely

If you love videos, this app is for you. Vodio is an iPad app that lets you watch videos. However Vodio is not about watching videos, but it is about watching what you care in the way you want. When you sign up, the app asks what you want to watch. At this point you may choose a category such as “gadgets” or a specific blog or blogger such as Techcrunch. After that you can easily watch what you chose because the categories and topics are placed around an imaginary circle, so you just need to scroll the page left or right.

#3 – Wolframalpha

wolframalpha logo 150x150 5 Top iPad Apps   Shake Your iPad Wisely

People should study math and only math. This is not the common thought, this is just something on which we should focus more. Math is at the basis of every single thing we do during the day. Our computers and smartphones are built thanks to Math and Physics, the two noble sciences that make engineering a reality.
Wolfram Alpha is the first computational engine available online and on your iPad. Wolfram lets you calculate whatever you want whenever you want. It is not just about Math, it is about Science, Engineering, Computer Science, Entrepreneurship and even Chemestry. With it you can calculate everything and have a perfect result in a matter of seconds. This app is not just an app you should download, but it is a MUST have for your iDevice.

#4 – Dropbox

dropbox icon 150x150 5 Top iPad Apps   Shake Your iPad Wisely

Drew Houston, which we quoted recently, has founded one of the most prominent companies of the last five years, Dropbox. Thanks to its flexibility and availability Dropbox is everywhere from your desktop computer to your iPad. Whether you have a premium account or a free one, you will find very useful the space in the cloud for your documents and photos.

#5 – Penultimate

penultimate icon 256 150x150 5 Top iPad Apps   Shake Your iPad Wisely

We have been able to feature this app in a previous post. Penultimate, as we said before, is a great app if you need to take short notes, comment and draw what you think. This is the best way to use your fingers on an iPad. Further it perfectly integrates with other services such as Dropbox and it lets you turn your files in pdfs.


These are the top five apps for my iPad. They cover a vast range of topics and with them you can be sure to have something more than an iPad with you. If you think there are other apps which we should cover, please leave a comment below.

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