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mark zuckerberg f8 A Facebook TabletFacebook and its CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, are ready for the IPO. At this time, they have been obliged to present the product to future investors and to explain how the platform works. As far as I have been able to see they have done it in an extremely helpful way; further they told to future investors in which fields they would like to work on in the next future.

Mobile is one of the topics, which has increased a lot of rumors in the past month. Facebook needs really a good and excellent improvement in the mobile network. Although the platform has more than 901 million users active every month and revenues around 4B $, the company still doesn’t make money from mobile. Moreover most of the apps have not been developed in the “holy” way.

In this brief review of what Facebook is going to do, it comes to our minds something that could change the way we interact through mobile Platforms. If you look at Facebook and at what they have been building in the last years, it won’t be difficult to imagine a Facebook Tablet. This idea is not supported just by the ecosystem around Facebook, but given the fact that Htc has already developed a phone with a Facebook integration, which was terrific.

The next big thing for this company is to overtake the Tablet market. Firstly by developing a good and decent app, which is currently absent (as many of you would agree, the iPad app really missed the point), secondly by making another step.

That step could be a tablet. Why not? If you see the big picture, Facebook has all the credentials to develop a tablet, with a partner, who would let the users to share everything more easily and faster. You wouldn’t need to upload everything from an app, but just from your device.

Why Is A Facebook Tablet Possible?

There are several reasons behind this possible product and here we list some that are pretty obvious.

  • You wouldn’t need to upload everything from an app, but you would just upload every single media file from your device. Further you could storage the files you wouldn’t share in the cloud.
  • Instead of surfing the web, you could just surf the web through Facebook. This is something that many people already do and it is not a big news. In fact, during the last years, we have seen that people love to find new things through Friends or People ‘s recommendations.
  • Facebook is introducing a sharing feature for groups, so with a Facebook device, you wouldn’t have any problem to share files within your friends circles.
  • With the introduction of the new Facebook App Center, you could buy apps directly from Facebook and run them on your device, making everything simpler.
  • With a Tablet you could video chat at any time with your friends, thanks to the skype integration.
  • If you need to use a web mail, there won’t be any problem, Facebook’s Project Titans found the solution a few years ago. You can easily communicate by using your_name[at]facebook.com

The more we go forward with this list, the more we understand that in the last eight years Facebook has built an entire ecosystem. In fact, Zuckerberg, Founder and CEO, mostly likes to talk about it as a Platform and not a mere and simple application. Thanks to this philosophy, Facebook is a platform, which is able to support thousands of applications that are built around it.

Why Should Facebook Need A Tablet?

If you want to be competitive on the market, you need to do more than your competitors do. In this case Facebook has not done a big step yet. On the other hand Google has been able to show us the project on which it is working on, Google Glasses. With the introduction of this futuristic Glasses we would be able to share everything with simple and short vocal controls to Google Plus, making the social experience more interactive (and obsessive).

If Facebook wants to be the first in the market, it will have to innovate in a different way, making Facebook a the best way to share your life with your friends. The devices that come to our minds are Facebook phones and tablets, which are something we already know, used in a different way.

What Facebook really couldn’t do is to innovate as Google is doing. Although Facebook is a well established company, it still doesn’t have the power that Google has. At this moment Facebook, that is currently handling an IPO, can’t produce or build innovative projects that have a big impact on people (such as Google Glass). However a smartphone and a table can be the possible solution to this vast competition, because with a strong partnership, they can play the game in an easy way.

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