profile 150x150 AboutGreat Preneurs started as a little side project of a solo blogger, whose aim was to go over 140 characters.

Our main mission is to spread and share our love for technology and entrepreneurship, two things that seem to be the same.  We plan to be a hub for future and present entrepreneurs, because we strongly believe that “The more you read, The more you think”.

We believe facts and notions are worth nothing. We don’t want to tell you what happened in San Francisco or Berlin, what startup raised more capital or why Facebook acquired a determined company; we want to tell you WHY that event happened and what the main repercussions on the market are.

If there are people, who are destroying an industry, we will say it explicitly. If there are governments that are going against our pursuit of freedom, we will attack them. If there are people who only desire is to make money, we won’t be on their side.

However if there are people who innovate, believe in what we believe and create unique products, we will support them; because this is what the world should be about, innovation.

How are we different from any other tech news website? We don’t report news, we add opinions and critical analysis to them, because we think Great Preneurs should be a place where people think and reflect, reading is just a tiny bit of your entrepreneurial journey, understanding is more important.

CEO and Founder,  Edoardo Moreni.