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For this post I want to run through some apps that I think will be useful for your new or existing Android device, if you find yourself needing to get more done on the go and keeping in tune with your life and the world around you.

JellyLogo WhiteOnTeal 300x300 Top Apps For A Busy LifeSocial Apps

It is important to keep socially connected so I have kept some applications that keep me in line with what others are doing and to keep myself busy when I have a spare moment.

  • Google+Google+ is one of the best platforms for keeping in touch with the latest technology and world news, Google+ is visually based and you are guaranteed to keep updated in the best possible way
  • Jelly App – This is a new application to my drawer, I decided to download this to try it out, I am now addicted to helping people on this app, I think this will be a great success
  • Twitter – Great app for keeping updated on global news and what your friends are up to
  • Foursquare – This is still a very cool application and something to keep yourself busy with if you are trying to kill some time
  • Facebook Messenger – With Android “Chat heads” are very easy to move around your screen and allows you to keep in communication whilst using any of these applications

NOTE: You may have seen that I have not included the official Facebook application, I believe that the Facebook app is too distracting and should be used as a desktop application – This is due to the confusing notification system on the Android.

evernote logo 4c lrg Top Apps For A Busy LifeProductivity Apps

Productivity on the go is important, although you can’t get a computer based tasks completed on your mobile, it is worth having an organised system that helps you keep controlled and focused on the move.

  • Evernote – Evernote is a very popular productivity application that allows you to keep your resources and information all in one location, very useful for on the go referencing and making sure you remember everything in your day
  • CloudMagic – A great application I have found for out of Gmail application, I use this app for student email and it is a impressive and well designed application
  • ToDOist – This is another popular app at the moment and ideal for keeping an eye on what you need to do, Available on almost every device it has been very useful with managing what I need to do throughout my day and week.
  • Skitch – Skitch is an extension app to Evernote, Skitch allows you to snap a photo, part of a map, a webpage or any form of media and you are able to edit this in a creative and visual way – It is definitely worth checking out!
  • LinkedIn – Keeping up with your business connections is very important, this well designed app will be useful to keep your messages clear and your connections flowing throughout your day

Quora logo 300x300 Top Apps For A Busy LifeBe cultured

It is important to learn new things throughout your day to keep your brain active – I like to use the following services as a discovery services to learn random or related things to allow the brain waves to flow

  • Quora – Quora is a great application that allows the user to learn new things from professionals in an area, for example, If I wanted to learn more about a topic or ask a question – All answers are professionally written and give you a great level of detail to help you conquer your questions about the world
  • Rymdkapsel – This is not a app for learning new things however it is a great game that allows you to use the creative and logical elements of your brain to keep it fresh and at the ready. This game is a strategy based game that will test your brain skills in a fun way
  • Deezer Music is always a very useful asset within your busy day, Deezer is another streaming service however is very intelligent and recommnends you new music that follows the pattern of your history and allows you to discover new track and artists that are emerging and also that are cultural and interactive

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  • StartupDispatch

    As good as ToDoist is, I recommend Much smaller, leaner app that integrates very well with email. Clear+ is also a very good to-do list tool for iOS.

    • Francesco D’Alessio

      Hi! – Yes I’ve checked out both of these in the past, And maybe due to personal preference have decided to stick with ToDoist thanks to its design and cross platform experience. Clear is an awesome iOS app!

  • Henry Blackie

    SwiftKey may also be a good addition, it really increased typing speed for me.

    • Edoardo Moreni

      What I like about SwiftKey is that it handles two or more languages, which is great for someone who’s constantly speaking italian and english. :)