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GreatPreneurs has finally arrived at Apps World, one of the best Developers and Apps conferences in Europe situated in London, Uk. With more than 250+ exhibitors and 8000+ attendees, Apps Worlds aims to become one of the reference points in the Developer community, which is constantly expanding in Europe and challenging what Silicon Valley has been for the last thirty years. This morning the lineup has been pretty intensive and we have had the chance to attend the three main keynotes: “Creating a successful app business: An entrepreneur and investor perspective”, “Disruptive Apps” and “Introducing Google Glass”.

YPland and Moves 225x300 Apps World Europe   Day 1

Creating a successful app business: An entrepreneur and investor perspective

This was the first session in the “Developer World”, led by Brent Hoberman, Co-founder of PROfounders Capital, who has interviewed Rytis Vitkauskas, Founder & CEO of YPlan, and Sampo Karjalainen, Founder & CEO of ProtoGeo. These two are extremely new startups that have launched this year, but that have been able to get a great initial momentum, which enabled them to expand their user base massively. YPlan is a “curated shortlist of the best events in town every night, which you can book in two taps”. Today they released their Android version, with the aim to get more traction in the city of London where at the moment they have more than 300k+ downloads. On the other hand, Moves is an activity tracker with more than 2.8M downloads which is located in Finland. Both of the CEOs were able speak freely without being interrupted by the moderator who was just trying to keep them comfortable. Although both apps are pretty recent, they seemed to be two pretty experienced CEOs who will be trying to reach greater heights in the next two weeks.

Tim hawkins 225x300 Apps World Europe   Day 1

“Disruptive Apps” by Trip Hawkins

The Founder of EA led the Gaming World keynote at Apps World. One of the greatest innovators in the gaming industry was just standing in front of a crowd of developers and talking about how a company can be disruptive. As he said: “When I got into the gaming industry, my first thought was:”If people are not playing games in the next 50 years, they (games) will be dead”. In the same way he predicted, nowadays everyone is involved in the gaming industry. As he has recalled, games are now distributed in several different platforms, even on Facebook, which can allow bored employees to play whilst at work. I don’t think Trip sees a world without games. He seemed to us one of the guys that we call “believers”, he has a perfect vision in what he does and did. He focused his keynote on education and how it can be improved through games. After EA and Digital Chocolate, he has just started his third company “If You Can”.

Glass For Developers 225x300 Apps World Europe   Day 1

“Introducing Google Glass”

Finally we conclude our list of keynotes with the last, led by Grant Allen, Principal Architect at Google who showed to current developers the possibility to write quick and simple apps on Google Glass in a short period of time. Google is looking for Developers in order to be ready for the launch of their device in 2014, that’s why they are advertising what developers’s kit that they are offering so much. There are also rumours which suggest that Google Glass will have its own Play Store, where you will be able to purchase your apps just for Glass. The keynote was focused on the way people can write apps on it, but it was also a general talk about how Google is expanding its Glass platform. At the moment, the release date hasn’t been announced yet, but they are planning to ship it at some point in 2014. Glass is just available for developers and for those who signed up at the Google I/O.

Apps World has just started and there are a lot more startups out there to be discovered, so stay tuned. Tomorrow we will cover live, Steve Wozniak’s keynote at the Developer World.

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