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Sean Parker is probably the most controversial entrepreneur in Silicon Valley and speaking from a personal point of view, he’s definitely my favourite entrepreneur. Sean Parker has been the co-founder of Plaxo and Napster, which changed the music industry forever. When you get sued by the music industry, it means something went wrong, but the momentum you have acquired could change your life.

Further Sean was the funding President at Facebook, where he led the first seed investment. The experience that Napster gave him was also able to connect him to a lot of people that matter in the Valley; that’s why he reached Peter Thiel to invest in Facebook. After leaving Facebook, Sean Parker started Causes, one of the world’s largest campaign platform. With Causes, Parker is trying to connect people who support a common cause together.

Since he wasn’t able to revolutionise the music industry completely, Sean Parker is now an investor in Spotify, which is working on the shoulders of what Napster tried to achieve. Further, he’s also a co-founder of Airtime, a product, which he has developed with his former Napster co-founder, Shawn Fanning.

He has failed many times, but he has also changed the way we used to live through Facebook and Napster. What we like about his figure is that he seems to be what a really entrepreneur must be, an innovator. There aren’t many people like Sean Parker, that’s why we should listen to what this guy says.

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