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Sheryl Sandberg is an american businesswoman. She is currently the Chief Operating Officer at Facebook and she was also elected as the first woman to the board of directors. Sheryl was previously working at Google as the Vice President of Global Online Sales and Operations. Before joining Google, she was chief of staff for the United States Secretary of the Treasury.

With a A.B in economics at Harvard College and a M.B.A. at the Harvard Business School, Sheryl Sandberg is probably the most powerful woman in Silicon Valley with Marissa Mayer. Sheryl Sandberg recently got into the billionaires club, in January 2014, due to the raise of Facebook’s stocks.

In 2009, Sheryl was named to the board of The Walt Disney Company. She’s also on the boards of Women for Women International, the Center for Global Development and V-Day. In the past, she was a board member of Starbucks, Brookings Institution and Ad Council.

Sheryl Sandberg has been trying to focus on the gap that there is between men and women in business and technology in the last years. That’s why in 2013, she published the book “Lean In“, which is “focused on encouraging women to pursue their ambitions, and changing the conversation from what we can’t do to what we can do”.

From a book, Sheryl is trying to create a movement of women in order to fill the eternal problem of women in technology. There a few women who reached the top in Silicon Valley and she is one of those who didn’t even plan to end up there, as Reid Hoffman explains in his book, “The startup of You“.

We believe you should listen to what she says and support, with us, her movement, Lean In.

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