Birth Of A Leader Or Moulded For Greatness?

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Leadership is defined by Kruse as “a process of social influence, which maximises the best qualities of others, towards the achievement of a goal.” A good leader has a certain set of qualities which makes them unique and in the long run bring success to their company. Let’s take Warren Buffett for example, a man who constantly ranks in the top 10 of the Forbes wealthiest billionaires and has an estimated net worth of  $58.5 billion, it’s no wonder people think he was born to be a businessman.

I however that think genetics play a very small part in his achievements. I assume that as a child born during the depression, Buffett was taught the value of money from an early age, this gave him a distinct leadership style from others. Unlike many professional fast-paced stockbrokers on Wall Street  the common interpretation of Buffett is the opposite; he accumulated his wealth over the decades and would rather invest a lot of money in a ‘diamond in the rough’ business rather than spreading out his wealth. This is because where other professionals of our generation particularly have just skimmed over businesses in favour of quicker returns, Buffett much like many baby boomers truly illustrates the philosophy of “patience is a virtue.”

ivanka trump Birth Of A Leader Or Moulded For Greatness?Then again if there were any two more different yet similar people in the world, it would be Donald and his daughter Ivanka Trump. This father and daughter duo have taken the real estate world by storm, Ivanka along with her brothers work under their father for the Trump organisation but, it’s the success of her own business endeavours that leads me to believe that maybe our DNA could be the key to fame and fortune. Both father and daughter can be seen to be very business orientated people spending much of their time finding ways to enhance and expand Trump industries.

In spite of this, one could say that he has instilled in her the characteristics of what it means to be a good leader into her from a young age. The fact that she has said to have done multiple internships for Trump industries and frequently sat in on meetings when she was younger solidifies the argument that it is the environment in which one is brought up that makes a leader attain the unattainable.

If this is so then what about people like Steve Jobs? People who did not have quite the same exposure as people like Ivanka? What made Apple into a household name? Genetics don’t even seem to come into the equation when analysing the innovation that must have gone into the production of Apple products. The step from disc player to Ipod is almost said to be life changing but what can we say about the person who dropped out of university, created a multi-million company, gets fired from said company and then gets re-hired whilst creating Pixar, which created the first animated movie.

jobs and wozniak 2019574a Birth Of A Leader Or Moulded For Greatness?

The innovator that breathed life into a new era of technology doesn’t even have a college degree yet his own ambition and creativeness gave the world so much, which brings us back to the question of whether he was moulded by his experiences or whether he was simply born to be the creator of Apple? Safe to say I believe that he had taken the path less taken, which led him to really show the world what a single person can do once he has overcome the difficulties that life throws at him. Whether it is our parents DNA or the experiences we gain from our surroundings, at the end of the day the only thing stopping you from attaining the best possible end game for you is yourself.

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