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Branding is one of the most crucial things an Entrepreneur or a business related person must understand. When you build a brand about a product or a website, you create an idea, a vision, which is able to drive people’s mind. This can be one of the most important aspects, if you are leading a team of people who need to be motivated in order to execute their job efficently. On the other hand, if you are able to build a brand, people will recognise your idea and they will want to buy your product.

Although it seems crucial to work in a better environment and to improve your userbase, it is not something that you can build in a day. Building a brand is one of the most difficult things you can imagine. In order to spread a message you need to find a userbase who is willing to listen to what you say and promote. Further when you find it, you should be able to entertain them and catch them from the first moment they start listening to you.

Branding is about catching people’s mind with ideas that you think are great. Steve Jobs, when he came back at Apple after being fired by the same company he founded, has been able to build one of the most successful brand ever from an almost failed company. Jobs wasn’t able to do that, but he knew that Apple was not about being smarter than Microsoft, he knew that Apple was about being an Apple user. By creating this idea, Apple users identified them and they believed in what the company was doing.

There is a reason behind the long queque for the iPhone in front of central park. Those people identify themselves as Apple users and as the leaders of a technological revolution that Apple has claimed to lead. Those people believe in the mission of the company and they smile when they see the little or big apple behind a device. This is about building a brand.

Obviously there are many several ways to build a brand, but everyone is completely different from the others. Jobs was able to create a brand by the way he showed the products Apple had built in the previous months. Jobs was amazed from what he was showing in his keynotes, because he believed in the product, he believed in the mission and he loved what he was doing.

One of the best TED Talks we have ever watched and which we have linked on this site takes in account the Apple case. As Simon Sinek argues, Apple has been using the Golden Circle structure to promote and advertise its own products. By starting from the inner circle Apple is able to underline why they have built the products they release. Further by going outward they describe how they made the products and by the end they tell what they have built.

This underlines how differently Apple has been operating. By explaining WHY as its first statement, Apple has built an idea behind its logo, a vision. The way we communicate is essential to build a sustainable brand, the way we present our products is even more fundamental. When Jobs was presenting the first version of the iPhone, he was trying to describe the best device ever built in the world. He was making a point, his aim was to show us how much they cared about that product and how much it would have impacted people’s lives so drastically. Jobs believed that technology could change the way we live and he was able to communicate that message to the people who were listening to him.

In the early 80′s one of the first mottos was “Soon there will be 2 kinds of people. Those who use computers, and those who use Apples.” What does this mean? How can we translate it? “Soon there will be 2 kinds of people. Those who believe in what we are trying to achieve by building one of the best machine in the world and those who don’t believe in what we believe. Why do you think one of the most popular Apple’s motto is “Think Different”. With just this simple and short sentence Apple has built the most valued company in the world. Think Different, this is what a customer believes while he/she is buying an Apple’s product. The way you promote your product is everything.

Apple logo Think Different Building A Brand   The Apple Case

Another incredible way to build a brand is your logo. A simple and neat solution will be better than a complex and incomprehensible logo. If it is simple, your costumer will be able to recognise it at any time wherever they are. Further the simplicity of a logo should carry the idea and the philosophy of that company. The Apple logo is a legend in 2012. Apple’s logo reminds us the simplicity and the perfection of Apple’s products.

With this post we aimed to underline a few important aspects about branding and how important it is, as we have previously done in other blog posts. Apple has been one of the first companies to realize the real importance and effectiveness of branding, so for this reason we decided to feature that attitude and way of behaving. We hope that this company will keep innovating and doing the best in the market, without wasting its precious time in unhelpful lawsuits.

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