Why You Should Go To College

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A huge dilemma or the silliest thing to think about for a Young Entrepreneur?

Peter Thiel once said:
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You can’t teach people a specific way to change things for the better. I don’t believe people can become entrepreneurs as an aspirational thing. It’s like saying you want to be rich and famous when you grow up–it’s too abstract. The motivation is what’s important. There should be a problem you want to solve, and in the process of solving it, you might have to become an entrepreneur.

In the same way, many Entrepreneurs would completely agree on what Thiel states. You can’t teach Entrepreneurship because it is something that you feel inside, not just an “aspirational thing”. Likewise many mentors see College as a waste of time and resources. Young Entrepreneurs aren’t able to see the world from several points of views, but they can see it just from textbooks.

Further Students are overwhelmed by student loans and part time jobs, things that a Young Entrepreneur can not bear. When you are young you should start seeing dots, connections and links in order to build what it is going to be your future. In many aspects, College can’t help you and it could be easily considered something to leave out.

However there are thousands of reasons to go to College to be Entrepreneurs.


This is one of the main point. Connections, as we already said before, are extremely important for a Young Entrepreneur who needs a mentor and a group of people that can support and stimulate it. Further when you build a strong network, you can easily ask for help. During the development of an idea or a project, you turn to the point in which you need a developer or marketing strategist and if this person is in your connections, you don’t need to look for other people, because you already know the right person and you have complete trust in him.


I strongly believe that Entrepreneurship is an aspirational thing. I mean, you have to be creative and you have to feel it, but you can easily look for it if you really want to become an Entrepreneur. College is the best place to find it; through courses and the learning of new things you can get the most.

Critical Thinking

What an Entrepreneur should have is Critical Thinking. When you have a problem or an idea in front of you, you should be able to see it from a critical point of view in order to understand if it can or can’t work. Likewise CR can let you understand and connect the dots in particular areas such as Social Networks. What you need is a different way to look a the world and this is what College is about.

Psychology and Sociology

A real Entrepreneur should understand people’s needs and what they could want. People’s psychology is extremely important to see patterns into society and to think as your future costumer. A strong study in this area lets you see dots and connections in a clear way. A recent proof comes from Mark Zuckerberg, who studied Psychology and Computer Science; he was able to develop most of what he learnt from this course (Psychology) in Facebook, making it more social and engaging.
If you don’t want to study it, you can learn it by meeting new people and talking to them. The more you talk, the more you understand social interactions.


From the study of what other people did in the past, you can perceive the mistakes and the good things. If you know what others did, you could apply your knowledge in the challenge that you would encounter in an Entrepreneurship life.
With this idea in mind, Sir Isaac Newton once said:

If I have seen further, It is only by standing on the shoulders of giants.


This is one of the Critical Skills that an Entrepreneur should always have and to get it you need to live, to interact and to meet people. You don’t need an extend course about public speaking to understand what communication is about, you just need to meet and talk to people. The key to do it in an easy way is to go to College, one of the most overcrowded place on Earth.

Although there are dozens of reasons to move to College, we decided to list the most important key points that you would gain in College. What we wanted to underline is that College could be the most interesting experience of your life and there is no reason to lose it for a young and immature project. Life is long.

Further you can always think about “dropping out”; if the project is very strong and you are really motivated, you should definitely drop out.

Just relax and take the most from it.

Edoardo Moreni

Blogger, Political Activist, Computer Scientist and Italian.