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GreatPreneurs was born for a need, 140 characters weren’t enough to express an idea. For this reason we decided to open this blog in order to share what we thought with other people all around the world. That freaky passion for Tech, Entrepreneurship and Silicon Valley drove us till here.

However at this stage I think that Great Preneurs could be an useful platform for several different people. This platform could be the perfect place to gather ideas, opinions and visions about the things we care about. I don’t think to have all the answers to the questions, so we are opening this blog to guest posts.

We think that this place deserves to be bigger for all of you who are looking for resources and articles to think about what it’s going on in the tech space. We want to be different, we don’t like to report news, we like to comment them with our own opinions and even personal predictions. What we see is that the tech space needs to be filled by a huge variety of blogs and resources, but they must not be just about notions and facts, because notions do not report what there is really behind an event or an acquisition. We love to describe, analyze and see what there is beyond a mere fact.

For this reason, we believe that if you think there is something to say, you can say it on this platform. We believe that if you really know well your niche and want to share your knowledge with the people that visit this website you can do it.

Our goal and motto is:

The More You Read, The More You Think.

This should be at the basis of any contribution.
If you want to submit an article, there are a few guidelines to follow:

Accepted Topics

  • Business: Stocks, Acquisitions and Investments
  • Computer Science: Software, Hardware and Programming
  • Entrepreneurship: Startups, How To’s and Product Development
  • Social Media: Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and any other platform related to the topic


If you are an Entrepreneur or a Venture Capitalist and you feel you have something to share with the world, you will have more chances to get accepted.

How to write

The language you must use is english (as usual). There is not a length to point out a fact or to analyze something. If the content is rich and the quality is good, you can write as much as you want. The only thing you need to understand while writing is what we believe and what we think this platform can be.


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