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There has been a general debate over the last years about Entrepreneurs. People still wonder if Entrepreneurs are born or made. I believe that an Entrepreneur is someone who is pushing forward to pass his own limits and do things that other people haven’t done. In this sense, an Entrepreneur is a unique person that wants to do more than people think it can be done. That’s why Entrepreneurs are born.

In life, you will meet people who are going to be satisfied with a job, a family and a normal life. However, at the same time, you will find people with crazy ideas who are trying to spread them and give to the human beings new ways of living, interacting and socializing. Those people are Entrepreneurs, the ones who make history and have found the importance of Independence in their lives.

With this idea in mind, it seems obvious to think that Entrepreneurs are born. There are people who can feel it in their veins, in the way they act, in what they do and want to achieve. Entrepreneurship is a lifestyle, but it is also something that you have to feel. There is no one out there that is going to teach you what an Entrepreneur is or how to be an Entrepreneur.

However there are plenty of people who can inspire you with what they have already achieved. That’s why you should watch the 10 Great Videos From Entrepreneurs For Entrepreneurs and follow the 30 People A Young Entrepreneur Must Follow, because these people have already achieved something in their lives and now they can inspire you to do the same.

What I also believe is that there are people who are Entrepreneurs, but who haven’t found it yet. These are the Entrepreneurs who are made. They have the attitude, the ideas and even the ability to become what they were born to be, but they don’t have the courage to take the next step toward the Entrepreneurship world. In these cases, inspiration is what matters most, because if they can find the right inspiration, the right idea, the will change the way we see the world.

Therefore it is extremely important to have Entrepreneurs who try to inspire younger generations to make the difference. Without them, we wouldn’t be able to have the innovation we see every day. Being able to inspire is so difficult, but it’s fundamental to push forward the people who are scared to be in the market alone, without any help.

All human beings are entrepreneurs. When we were in the caves, we were all self-employed…finding our food, feeding ourselves. That’s where human history began. As civilization came, we suppressed it. We became “labor” because they stamped us, “You are labor”. We forgot that we are entrepreneurs. (Muhammad Yunnus, Nobel Peace Prize winner and microfinance pioneer)

In this way, Muhammad Yunnus is completely right. All human beings are Entrepreneurs, but most of them will never find it out. There is just a small minority of people who already know they can make the difference.

Edoardo Moreni

Blogger, Political Activist, Computer Scientist and Italian.