Facebook is 10 years old! Here’s Why It Succeeded

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I’ll leave all the stats, numbers, infographics, business case arguments and analytics out of this one. This is the internet and it’s Facebook’s 10 year anniversary. You can find a lot of those. Today we will look past all those. We will go straight to the reasons why Facebook succeeded but most of us probably don’t admit:

#1 – We love stalking

Stalk Universe? Yes. Stalk Central? Yes. Stalk… okay I’ll stop. We all love it, lets just admit it. If I had a penny for every time someone told me that they don’t “really use Facebook”. By that of course they mean that they don’t post, but do they stalk? You bet. And you know how I know? Because Facebook tells me so. Every time they log in, from web or mobile, if they’re active and how long ago they were active. Oh, and on top of that, the ultimate stalking machine: Facebook Search. Those who know how to use it, are nodding their heads right now.

#2 – Newsfeed is awesome

We have been using Facebook long enough, most of us, that Facebook is now tailored to our tastes. We get the stories we want, we follow or unfollow the people we want, we get the ads we want, heck, it’s stalking on auto-pilot. And the best part of course is, even though it’s no twitter, as soon as there is a breaking story you’ll know. It’s just… convenient.

#3 – Messages

We can see when someone sees or doesn’t see our messages and there is no option to block messages coming from friends. They are on our desktop, on our phones and on our tablets, but most importantly, they are on a website that we probably check almost as often (if not more) than we do our email. Messages were the final piece of the puzzle for people to exchange Facebook accounts rather than phone numbers.

#4 – Birthdays

Don’t pretend like you know all our birthdays. When you’re trying to impress someone you can probably retrieve a birthday date faster than Google can retrieve the word Google. I’ll let you in on a little secret: they’re not impressed. They know. That being said, thanks Facebook. You’re awesome.

#5 – Games

Not a gamer my self, but I know you are all playing games. All day long. Because you are spamming my notifications. ALL DAY LONG. (Damn you Candy Crush)

#6 – The people that weird you out

You know who I am talking about. You don’t like them, you judge them, you think what they are posting is ridiculous, but do you unfriend them? Nope. Do you unfollow or hide them from your Newsfeed? Nope. Do you want to? No. Because you have fun poking at their ridiculousness, judging and gossiping about them. #NoShame

facebook ipo 300x214 Facebook is 10 years old! Heres Why It Succeeded

#7 – Sports, Elections, other Big Events

There is no better place to celebrate or to argue other than on Facebook. There’s twitter too, but it’s so much more personal, so much more dramatic on Facebook and we love it. I mean, sometimes, it really takes guts to post on someone’s status when you know it might get you in trouble. Feel the adrenaline rush? Go.

#8 – It’s better than Twitter at stalking

Incomplete profiles, pictures are hard to find and so on and forth. Who cares about what you think?! No no. I want to see what you are doing, where you are, who are with. You know the line you toss around “I just don’t get twitter”? I never bought that for a minute.

#9 – Because who has time to read the News

Gossip and the few stories that that one person happens to share on Facebook is all the news you need.

#10 – Paper

This a new one, and it’s probably the best designed Facebook App ever. New UI experience, full featured, no ads (yet, enjoy it while it lasts) and it totally takes the guilt away because you’re not tapping on an App that reads “Facebook” all day long.

Why do you get on Facebook? Let us know!

PS: Happy birthday Facebook, and as much as we love to bash you, thanks for making the world more open and connected.

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