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There is not a precise path, there is not a book to learn what Entrepreneurship is all about, the only thing that is going to help you is experience. This is one of the main topics covered by Drew Houston, Dropbox’s CEO and Founder, who gave this speech at Stanford a week ago. By explaining what he did, he is able to show us what it is right and wrong and how the best choices come to your mind.

In order to learn how to be a great CEO there is not a course, but there is just experience. We can not learn how to manage a company, but we can try to do it. By getting mentorship from the right investors and with a cofounder we should be able to see the path more clearly. A cofounder is a sort of must have in this field, because when you want to build something big, you can not do it by yourself, but you need someone to trust who will always be with you in any decision.

As he tells us, a smart idea doesn’t come from a long study, but from a simple need. The smart Entrepreneur must be able to underline this need in order to show it to the people; because sometimes the users don’t know to have that need. This was the case of Dropbox, which struggled for the first months, because their future users didn’t really know how a product like it would be helpful in their lives.

You are a feature and not a product.(Steve Jobs)

Another key thing is to believe in what you do at any time. It doesn’t matter if the others do not trust in your idea, it matters if you like working on it and if you really love it. Any good Entrepreneur in front of Steve Jobs would have hesitated, but Drew Houston and his cofounder decided that they were a product and not a feature and they still are building this product in a great way. If you don’t believe in you, you won’t go forward.

Competition. What is competition? Are you still worried by other products? No, you need to improve you product as much as you can in order to give a terrific experience to your users.

Build your product in the best way and you will win the war at the end.

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