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Google has launched Google Drive last week. We are now ready for a another new cloud service, which will be able to storage our files in the cloud, making them accessible everywhere, whenever we want. This is a great step for Google and a big threat for other cloud storage companies such as Dropbox.

From now on you are not going to use Google Docs, but you will use Google Drive, because Google has decided to integrate the two softwares. Further Google Drive has been integrated in the Google’s Bar on the top of to get to the site in a faster way. This simple move could change the cloud storage services world, but from what we can see in the first week Dropbox still runs ahead.

However this idea is not new in the market, so in order to win over concurrency, Google Drive is offering 5Gb of free storage, which are a little bit higher than the 2Gb offered by Dropbox. Further if you need more space, you can activate a monthly membership. As they have done with the free membership, the premium one is a lot lower than Dropbox’s prices.

Google Drive vs Dropbox

Storage CapacityGoogle DriveDropbox
2 GB -Free
5 GBFree -
25 GB$ 2,49 -
50 GB -$9.99/month or $99.00/year
100 GB$ 4,99$19.99/month or $199.00/year
200 GB$ 9,99 -
400 GB$ 19,99 -
1 TB$ 49,99 -
2 TB$ 99,99 -
4 TB$ 199,99 -
8 TB$ 399,99 -
16 TB $ 799,99 -

Who Wins The Battle?

What we can see here from the table is that the prices are really different and that Google could seem to have better prices. However we should take in account several factors. Dropbox has been working on cloud storage for more than four years, by starting in 2008. Further Dropbox works just on cloud storage and it has acquired a pretty good name in this sector. What really differentiate Dropbox from Google Drive is its cross platform feature. Dropbox is available on every platform you could imagine, it is always with you and it will never leave you alone, even on GNU/Linux. At this moment Google has just developed a mobile app for android devices and has made the system accessible via web and Chrome OS. What we should expect is an upcoming app for iPhone and iPad to make the service more distributed. Further, as Dropbox did, they could work on a sharing system installed on Desktops.

From my personal perspective I see that Dropbox is still more reliable and usable, because it works perfectly on every platform and cloud storage is the first concern that Dropbox has. Its aim is to build a good and strong platform on which you can share files and documents; Google’s aim is to compete against Dropbox with better prices.

This tendency to compete against other startups is keep going in the valley and it is killing what innovation years ago was. On the other hand there are thousands of startups which offer great products for a better internet experiences and thanks to them and their desire to make the difference the tech world is still clean and amazing.

The more we go forward and the more we will be able to see how this battle is going to end, but for now Dropbox wins over Google.


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