Why Google Plus Could Win The Long Run

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circles 130 Why Google Plus Could Win The Long Run

A few days ago, the Wall Street Journal, in this article, has pointed out several holes in the Google’s social networking site.
Recent stats have showed that an average Google Plus’ user is on the site less than three minutes per month. The war between Facebook doesn’t even exist. In fact a Facebook’s user is on the site for 405 minutes per month. What does it mean? Nothing.

Has Google Plus come to an end?

No. What the others do not understand is that this is just a period, a phase, in which Google has to improve its product. The hard part of competing against Facebook is that you come into the market seven years after Facebook was founded. Further it is not the easiest thing in the world to try to convince people to move to another platform. The key to win Facebook and to overtake it is having something outstanding.

Is Google+ Outstanding?

Yes, it is. Although Google Plus is just a little baby in comparison to Facebook, Google’s engineers have been able to develop a platform in which the social experience has drastically changed. What you called a friends list, now it is a circle; what you called a video chat, now it is a hangout; what you called a like button, now it is a plus one. All these features have made Google Plus an extraordinary product.

Google Plus Circles 300x224 Why Google Plus Could Win The Long Run

However there is something more that will be able to make Google Plus win the long run.

Why Could Google+ Win The Long Run

What Facebook doesn’t have and won’t have is a complete unification in a bigger ecosystem. Google Plus is directly integrated in the Google.com ecosystem and in its strategic top bar. No matter you are reading your emails, watching a video on youtube, editing a file, translating something, you will be constantly updated on what it is happening on Google Plus. Further if you are logged in, you can immediately post on Google Plus without physically going on the site. In order to do it, you need a Google Account.

Why Are you Going to Have a Google Account?

  • Because you are going to use Android, which has 800,000 daily activations and it is currently on 300M devices.
  • Because you want to add, comment and edit videos on Youtube.
  • Because you want your .doc .odf .pdf everywhere.
  • Because you want to have a decent email web service.
  • Because you want to be a blogger.
  • Because you love Google Play
  • Because you love Finance

This is just a small portion of what Google owns. Their strong desire to expand is bringing them on every kind of market from mobile to green energy. Do you know where the funny part is ? You need a Google Account to do what I listed here, which means that you are registered to Google Plus.

Although Google Plus is outstanding, sooner or later, you will have a Google Plus account, no matter how much you want it.

Which are its pillars?

Although we talked about Google and the way it can expand Google Plus, it is worth to list a few things that make this service unique.

  • Connections
    As an Entrepreneur would probably see Google Plus is the best place to manage and control all your connections.
  • Google.com Ecosystem
    As we underlined above, this is the point that could make the difference.
  • Quality
    Doubtless Google’s software is the best in the world; with a community of 36k+ employees they are able to produce and develop software in an extremely fast way.
  • Video Conferences
    Thanks to Google Plus’ Hangouts you can now enjoy video conferences between friends, colleagues and classmates.

    Google Plus Hangouts 300x170 Why Google Plus Could Win The Long Run

  • Social Structure
    The way the social structure has been thought is what made Google Plus different from the other Social Networks.
  • Youtube Integration
    This could be the silliest thing to list; however, given the fact that Youtube is the third most visited site in the world, the small Youtube Integration on the right side of Google Plus could play a key role in the future.

Where Are We Going To See The Zenit?

We can not predict that, the social networking world is changing. However Facebook seems to tremble, Pinterest is growing, Twitter is expanding and there are thousands of social apps out there that are waiting to do the next step.

If we want to make a prediction, we can just say that it could be just a matter of time; maybe one or two years. What Zynga did wasn’t without any sense and the current Facebook’s IPO could cause a few troubles to the company.

The only thing that we know for sure is that the winner would have to be faster and ready to act.

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