G+ Overwhelms Facebook On iPad

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Google Plus App on iPad G+ Overwhelms Facebook On iPad

The new Google Plus iPad App is out. This app was presented at Google I/O 2012 a week ago and in the same day it was launched on Android Tablet devices. After the keynote they promised that the iPad app would be released a few weeks later and now it is available on the App Store.

Google doesn’t lie and when this company wants to play hard, it does. For this reason the Google Plus iPad App is available on the App Store. From now on, we can actually say for the first time that Google Plus is reachable from everywhere and from every single platform in the world, Android and iOS.

The first impression is that the App is pretty close to what Flipboard has done during the years, but that is not cheating or copying as we said on quora. This time Google understood in which way the users wanted to read the news that come from the people they care. Further if you go on Flipboard you can connect your Google Plus account, making Flipboard one of the first companies, using Google Plus’ Api.

However we don’t think the point is about saying that the app is really nice and smooth. The point here is about saying who is going to win the social networking war. Facebook or Google? These two companies have been fighting on this topic for the last year. Facebook with more than eight years of experience has been able to stand over Google; but the power of Google increases in the long run. In fact, after just one year Google Plus is on the go and this iPad app is amazing.

From an iPad user, as I am, I can assure you that the Facebook iPad App has not been updated in the last months, leaving us a mediocre product, full of bugs and misconceptions. This is not the way a company such as Facebook should act and this is the result of what Facebook has not understood before and after the IPO. If you think that mobile is the future, do it and do not think about it.

Facebook App for iPad G+ Overwhelms Facebook On iPad

On the other hand Google, instead of releasing an iPad app in order to fight Facebook as soon as possible, has been waiting for a year. Studying how social is moving, learning from previous mistakes and developing the best social experience possible, Google has crossed the “awesomeness” line. Yes, this app is not perfect, it is awesome.

I am not going to say that Google doesn’t know social, I am going to say that Google is working hard inch by inch with the aim to ship the best product ever made. We shouldn’t worship Google, but we should, at least, try this amazing and interesting project that they are developing (with some help from Diaspora).

The conclusion here is pretty simple. Google has won the war on the iPad. This new app is a way long better than the Facebook’s one, which seems to be a work made by two unsocial developers. Further the company led by the two geniuses is taking a few steps ahead on the smartphones. The iPhone and Android apps are the perfect match for a true and fun social experience.

Google has not passed Facebook yet, but it is trying to dig Facebook’s grave. The war is not ended and we should expect something at F8, that is going to change the way we do social, if Facebook really cares about its users and competition.

With the hope to see our social lives improved and the wish to be more connected, I leave you to your social experience, see you on Twitter.

Edoardo Moreni

Blogger, Political Activist, Computer Scientist and Italian.