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After introducing the graph support in 2D last year, Google has decided that it was the right time to start playing hard the game. The multi-billion company added a new feature to the graph support, which is perfectly integrated in the search box. From now on, if you are looking for a graphing calculator in 3D you can simply use Google’s Search Box in order to find your answer.

google 3d graph 300x300 Google Shakes Wolfram Alpha

The war has just started.

As usual, a huge company such as Google has decided to do business in another market, enabling , a simple web engine, to do more and more. This could be just a tiny and little feature without any aim or maybe it could be just the beginning of a possible threat for WolframAlpha.

wolfram alpha logo 300x45 Google Shakes Wolfram Alpha

Firstly developed by Stephen Wolfram in 2009, Wolfram Alpha is a computational engine, which is able to calculate everything you need, from the calories in a piece of bread to the most difficult equation in Physics.

What Stephen Wolfram did was to unify Mathematica, a famous computational software, which he conceived, with the internet. He was probably able to understand that sooner or later we will all live on the internet, without having the necessity to run a program on our laptop or computer. Thanks to this intuition he, with the Wolfram Research, built a 15 million lines engine for the internet.

Although Wolfram Alpha is the best software I have used, the success of this application was given by the absence of competitors. Wolfram was the forerunner of computational knowledge engines. In a world where math is at the basis of everything around us, Wolfram is the perfect software for understanding who we are.

Is Google Going To Kill This Market?

I don’t think so. Google is just expanding and adding new features to its product, which needs them in order to be what Google thinks it is, our personal desktop. We don’t need to turn our laptops on, we just need to login on to do whatever we want to do. If we see the entire picture from this point of view, we will understand that Google is not going to kill this market.

Instead of working on dozens of projects, Wolfram Research focuses on a single and perfect tool, making their mission and work the best. On the other hand Google is developing thousands of projects at the same time. The key to develop a decent and good software is to focus on it without any kind of distraction.

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  • Backdoor

    Wolfram does not simply draw graphs, and this function is available only on in English.

    • Edoardo Moreni

      Yes, I agree with you. In fact I wrote that it could do whatever you wanted.