Growot Will Let You Be A Farmer In Your Living Room

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We have always encouraged people to look ahead and build things that are going to improve the quality of people’s lives or connect us, because we are going to live on the internet. The next technological trends and markets will connect us as never before and help us to build stuff or understand the way we behave, sleep and eat. What startups haven’t focused on yet is the ability to be sustainable in your house.

growot Growot Will Let You Be A Farmer In Your Living RoomGrowot “is a beautiful device enabling you to grow your own vegetables inside your house with no time, no knowledge and using very limited space… and control the whole process from your phone.” This is a Manchester based startup whose aim is to “to bring nature home and enable everyone to experience the healthiest and the freshest tasting vegetables all in the comfort of your own living room.”

The concept behind Growot is pretty simple. You buy the device, you plug it, you plant what you want by following the instructions and letting the app know what you are growing and then you “Growot it”. The app will know what kind of program to follow for the specific vegetables you are growing. Further, the good thing is that the whole system is based on hydroponics, so there is no soil involved and your living room is safe.

The device, as you can see from the pictures, looks beautiful and if they build it in the way they designed it, you won’t even realise that what it’s in your living room is an actual farm. Further, if no knowledge is required, Growot can be the start to let people understand that eating healthy is the way to live and the best way to encourage them is by enabling people to grow their own farm.

growot prototype Growot Will Let You Be A Farmer In Your Living Room

However what really interests me is the social aspect behind this project. They can easily implement a reward system similar to foursquare and set challenges for the people who are growing their food. Further an internal social network could be built in order to monitor what your friends are growing (with pictures updates) and how they are doing it. In the same way, they can build apps that interact with facebook or twitter and that send status updates of how things are growing. In the pasts Arduino-Powered, Tweeting, Self-Watering systems were built and actually worked.

What Growot does differently is that it brings the technology wherever you want without bringing the mess in your house. Moreover they have also added an app that can track your seeds and let you know what you have to do next. Growot is not out yet, most of the images we have seen are prototypes, but the team aims at releasing a first version in the middle of this year. Although they haven’t decided yet, the size of the prototypes they have tested is 91cm h, 45cm w, 28cm, which makes it easy to fit Growot wherever you want.

I am sure about two things regarding the future. The first is that everything will be smart, from tables to windows. The second is that we will have to live in our houses and reduce the transport of food and materials. The future is about eating what you grow and building the things you need, thanks to 3D printers. With the internet that connects us and with this raising technologies, we can make the future happen. We just need to look ahead, instead of looking back.

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