Happy Birthday Google: Changing The Way We Use The Internet For 14 Years

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Google Doodle Birthday Happy Birthday Google: Changing The Way We Use The Internet For 14 YearsToday, the 4th of September we celebrated the 14th anniversary of Google, the small, tiny little project that Sergey Brin and Larry Page developed over three years at Stanford university. After a first investment of 100,000$ the two postgraduate students were able to build up one of the most amazing and the fastest search engine of that time.

In fact in that period, Google wasn’t the only startup that was trying to gain vital space in the search engines market. However the simplicity and the usability of Google made it the most successful startup of the last fourteen years. With an initial small team of twenty employees (Marissa Mayer was one of them) and with a vision to make the web simpler and more accessible everywhere, Google and the two founders have been able to achieve what they dreamt.

Today, Google is not a search engine anymore. Google is an ecosystem, which is trying to spread in any direction the internet is able to provide. That simple homepage, which was introduced fourteen years ago, is nowadays an extremely fundamental tool that links to everything we need. From Maps to Google Plus, this company has made the impossible possible, by investing in new technologies such as Google Car and Google Glasses and many times has proved wrong what Peter Thiel said a few months ago.

With the beta release, for those who bought them at the Google I/O 2012, of Google Glasses and with Google Car that has travelled for more than 300 miles we can only expect, at this stage, a flourish future for this company.

In the next days we are going to expect a happy birthday doodle, which from 2002 has been published randomly during the month of september. Further we want to wish a good luck to the company that every day makes us laugh with its incredible and humorous doodles.

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