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Entrepreneurs, Entrepreneurs, Entrepreneurs. It is so easy to use that word without really focusing on what it really means. An Entrepreneur is someone who believes in something, an individual who wants to take the next step in order to build something that is going to improve people’s lives. Isn’t it awesome? Yes, Entrepreneurship is a great concept. However most of the guys that we see every single day miss the point, especially the ones who are pushing hard to become real Entrepreneurs and to spread their ideas.

Finding an idea is difficult, but executing it is even more difficult. The amount of work you have to do as a first time CEO is immense and you always don’t know what you are supposed to do; but we all guess that is normal. It’s normal to be scared and it’snormal to feel stressed just by the idea of driving a startup without even knowing where to start.How much should I pay my first employee? How much equity should I give him? These are the main problems that you face and the questions that don’t let you sleep. However I don’t think that is the point. The point is not about money, but it’s about value and spirit. The first three employees you hire are those who are going to stick to you for the next years till the success or the failure of your startup.

In the past days, I have heard one advice given by a guy, who I really don’t want to quote here, to another individual who was willing to start his own startup. Outsourcing was what I heard and what they were talking about. Yes, you can hire a good programmer for nothing that is able to actually program for you in the first days of you startup, letting you build other stuff and manage the company. That is definitely the worst advice I have ever heard in the last year. I actually wasn’t able to reply to those two guys, cause of my slow and weak English skills, but I have managed to publish this post : ). When you build a startup and you need to create a team, you firstly have to form the first core, those three employees we were talking about. The main core will always be there and it will always support you in any case.

Why? Because if you are able to hire people who believe in what you believe,they will believe in the company’s mission in any situation, without stepping back. This is my second advice, hire people who believe in your idea. Look at the sparkle of their eyes when you interview them, try to find them between your friends, because you need people that you can trust. Every great idea was born from a small group of people who could trust on each other. Think about Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg was just a tiny part of the big game. Since the beginning he was supported by his best friends, Eduardo Saverin, business major, Dustin Moskovitz, great roommate and Chirs Hughes.

If you look at these three guys, you will find out that they weren’t programmers, they didn’t have any idea about building something, they just believed in Facebook. Dustin Moskovitz, who wasn’t a CS major, started learning how to program in the first weeks in order to help Mark to expand thefacebook. Why? He believed in Mark, he trusted him and he thought that Facebook was a great product. On the other hand the CEO, in this case Mark Zuckerberg, was able to be in a team of people he could trust.

The point is that you don’t have to hire the best programmers, outsource to some freaky guy miles away from you or ask to a CS major to build your product even if you don’t know him. You must find people who believe in you, people who don’t care about money, people who want to push their limits to make your idea a reality.

These are the people who would form that first core that you need in a startup,these are the people who would never leave you in a difficult moment. Hiring is not about finding the best people, but it is about finding the people who can adapt to your environment and who really are passionate about your mission. This is what Entrepreneurship is all about, that’s what I believe you should look for.

Edoardo Moreni

Blogger, Political Activist, Computer Scientist and Italian.