How To Deal With Failures

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Today we talk about failures and success.

Nietzsche, a german philosopher, used to say that life is a constant fight. He was right, life is a fight between individuals, jobs and ideas. We are always fighting for something, we are always looking forward and we are always hoping to succeed in what we do.

However there are times in which we succeed and there are times in which we fail.

Never give up seems to be an imperative for an Entrepreneur. In fact it is a sentence that the best entrepreneurs repeat to themselves every single day of their lives. It is not a matter of beliefs, but it is a matter of believing in yourself and keep going; because if you keep going you will succeed in what yo do.

Although I am just 19, I have been facing a lot of failures. When you face them, they seem to be the latest thing to learn from. A failure hurts, it makes you feel bad and it is awful because it influences whatever you do in the next days and months. What I have always said to me was “Screw it, let’s go ahead”. I have never cared about the failures, because the only thing I wanted to do was going forward.

Although a failure is something very hurtful in many cases, it builds your personality and makes you stronger than before. You don’t have to realize it, it is just about biology. Your body starts to understand what it can be dangerous for you and what can not; for this reason when the same situation will come up in the future, your body will react in the right way, saying you what it is the right thing to do.

Seneca, a roman, was right. Life is long and your time is longer than you expected. There is going to be a lot of time to improve, study, learn and practice on things you weren’t able to do, so don’t panic. You have time, you have time to repeat what you failed and you have time to succeed in what you failed. I agree with Seneca, who was one of the most important philosophers and thinkers during the Roman Empire.

In many cases it happens that you try to stand over your fellows by doing more and then you fail. It seems that you are like them, who didn’t do anything and who looked at you while you were working hard and failing. This is what many people think, this is what the others think, but this is not what we think. Yes, you failed, but you can start again and you can be pretty sure the people that looked at you are not going to move, so after one, two, three and maybe four failures you will stand over them.

This is not a game, this is life.

Edoardo Moreni

Blogger, Political Activist, Computer Scientist and Italian.