I Won’t Be Rejected At My Driving Test Anymore

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Google Self Driving Car I Wont Be Rejected At My Driving Test Anymore
One of the most recent failures that I have personally faced is the driving test. Without a deep knowledge of the parking rules and with a strong charater, which will never step aside in front of people who try to mock other people, my test finished with a verbal fight and a rejection. The modern system wants us pass first a written exam and then a practical one. I didn’t succeed in the latter.

However this is not the main topic of this article. In less than ten years, people like me won’t be rejected in a driving test anymore. Do you know why? Because Google Car is becoming more than a reality. In the past days Google has announced that Google Car has been driven for more than 300k miles, showing good and decent results.

At this stage the car needs to understand traffic signs and interact with the streets, which are always changing. A child, who is crossing the street, or a closed road can become problems, if the car doesn’t respond promptly to these adversities. Google says that there is still a lot of things to do, but I would expect to have a Google Car parked in my garage before 2020.

This is going to be an immense revolution for the driving system and the way we act. For the first time we are going to entrust our lives to a computer. A machine without emotions, feelings and a critical mind. The world Isaac Asimov saw, will be here very soon. Is this a problem? No, computers are perfect, they can not be wrong. The only thing that can be mistaken is the human mind.

Google Self Driving Car1 I Wont Be Rejected At My Driving Test Anymore

Many people would think that Google Car would “steal” an important part of our lives, because sometimes driving can be enjoyable. However that is not true. While the Car will be driving we might do thousands of things, in this way we are not going to spend three or four years of our precious life stuck in the traffic, as we do today. Instead of driving we could watch a movie, videochat with a relative (or call him), schedule the next meeting, sleep, eat or enjoy our wonderful journey.

Further this Car will be integrated within the Google’s ecosystem, a place full of applications and utilieties. If Google releases a SDK, there will be dozens of developers that will join this new community in order to change the way we drive. Think about Waze integrated in a Google Car, or even Highlight. Google Glass would be the first product completely integrated with Google Car.

We would control everything from the glasses. While going to work, we could enjoy the news through our Google Glasses without even touching the car. Blind people are going to be able to move alone with their own cars. These cars will remove the differences that are present in our society and will put all of us at the same level.

For this reason, another aspect that Google with its partners has to consider is the price. This technology must be distributed around the world in order to fight accidents and any problem that raises while driving. With a normal and affordable price the whole world will be able to buy a Google Car.

The most remarkable thing about this technology is that it belongs to the present and not the future. We are already part of this revolution, which is getting its own shapes. Google needs to work hard in order to start distributing this amazing product to the world and while they are making this revolution we will be always there to comment them and express our love for these incredible projects.

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