Interview With Bronson Taylor, Co-Founder Of Growth Hacker TV

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Who are you?

I’m Bronson Taylor the cofounder and host of Growth Hacker TV.

Can you tell us what Growth Hacking is about?

Growth Hacking lives at the intersection of a number of disciplines. The definition that I prefer is: “A growth hacker is a creative and data-driven individual that utilizes product, marketing, and engineering, to scale and sustain user growth.” Notice how a growth hacker is both left and right brained (creative and data-driven), and also how they utilize three distinct disciplines to achieve their goals (marketing, product, and engineering). It’s this intersection of mindsets and skills that allows growth hackers to achieve the results they do (scale and sustain growth).

How did you come up with the idea behind Growth Hacker Tv?

Over coffee at Starbucks I had a series of conversations with one of the cofounders, and we just decided to build the product that we most wanted to see in the world. There was a lot of content online, but no one was creating an educational platform around the newest tactics and strategies for growth. So we built it.

How important is to have a Growth Hacker in the team for an early stage startup?

Every team needs to either have a growth hacker, or at least have the skills of a growth hacker represented by different people working in unison, or it will create a situation where growth is mysterious instead of scientific.

What would your advice be to start understanding Growth Hacking and to become a true Growth Hacker who is able to gain momentum at any moment with any product?

No one can gain momentum with just any product you throw at them. The product must actually fulfill a need in the market place or your growth efforts will be futile. That said, the best way to learn growth hacking (besides watching Growth Hacker TV) is to start a project, any project, and try to grow it. The first hand experience is absolutely invaluable. Do something. Don’t just talk about what others have done.

What company do you think uses Growth Hacking the most?


As a startup advisor, is there a common problem that you have found in several different startups? Apart from growth. icon wink Interview With Bronson Taylor, Co Founder Of Growth Hacker TV

A startup, by definition, is just a wannabe business. It doesn’t know what its product is yet. It doesn’t know who its customers are yet. The faster they can stop being a startup the better. We need to stop romanticizing startups and start glorifying sustainable, profitable, businesses who pay employees out of revenue and not just funding. Start as a startup. End as a business.

What do you believe are the top three startup scenes in the world and how important it is to be in a place that believes in startups?

Wherever you are will work just fine. I’m in the middle of no where icon smile Interview With Bronson Taylor, Co Founder Of Growth Hacker TV

Who is the most remarkable Growth Hacker of the past years and why should we listen to what he/she says?

There is no single growth hacker archetype. So many people add so much value in different ways that it would be misleading to name a single person. If you visit Growth Hacker TV and sort the episodes by “Staff Picks” then you’ll see my list of almost 50 growth hackers that I think we should be listening to.

growth hacker tv Interview With Bronson Taylor, Co Founder Of Growth Hacker TV

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