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It is easy to say nowadays that we carry our lives around with us, be it in a bag, our phones or laptops. And with every valuable item after a while, it gets stolen or lost. Now, a lot of people would simply say that they should use their iCloud’s to search for their iphones but from experience I know this rarely helps. The iPhones’ lost mode can only be utilised if there is wifi available. Also, what about items such as keys, bags, jackets and so on. Finally, in the market we have a product to counter these everyday problems.

Lupo is a lost and found device that alerts the owner using audible or visible alarms and even through SMS like messages when you leave your items behind or if they get moved. Not only that, this device is able to automatically lock your computer when you step away from it to prevent data theft. The best part is that Lupo can be attached to anything from key chains to bag packs.  But wait there’s more Lupo can control any device such as tablets via the Bluetooth 4.0 and the Lupo app. It also comes with a Smartphone camera control app and an app for clicking through presentations, though more developments are expected in the near future.

After we have assessed all of these wonderful functions we then need to evaluate the potential profitability of this product. It’s safe to say that there is no distinct target market besides the general public some of whom are more forgettable than others. This being said, with an estimated retail price of £40, this device is sure to cost a pretty penny for the ordinary person. The argument being that although this device increases your chances of finding your lost/stolen device, it could just as easily be taken off. This being said, if we look back to all of its different function plus its ability to control music, turn into a wireless joystick or a wireless mouse, it is a small price to pay for such a useful item.

lupo kickstarter Lupo, Lost no More

One of the good and bad things about Lupo is that with Lupo track when you lose an item it will record the last known position of a tagged item and show it on the map for easy recovery. In addition, when a Lupo is declared lost ‘crowd sourced’ searching is enabled that puts other Lupo’s on the lookout for that item. Herein lies the problem, as great as the idea of crowd sourcing is there is still the potential of the Lupo owner who found the lost item to simply discard the Lupo and take the item; or in the case of items such as wallets take its contents before leaving the lost item where it was found.

Lastly, with the Lupo lock this certainly is helpful for laptops that do not already have a lock system. The reason I think the Lupo lock may be a problem is in the event where you are doing work on your laptop and have to move around a lot this means every time you step away just for a while the Lupo locks the computer. Coming from a generation of people who are able to get information almost instantaneously and live in a very fast-paced world, having to unlock one’s computer several times can become tedious and frustrating. In spite of being able to simply take it off when doing such a job, there will still be a certain level of paranoia that will set in without the comfort of the Lupo security by the time we have gotten used to it.

In conclusion, personally I think that this product will flourish in the market because of how time-consuming and busy everyone’s lives have become thus increasing the risk of losing items. It has so many conveniences for the everyday student, worker and so on; I see no reason why someone will not buy one. Sure, it may seem a bit expensive to some people but security or your belongings should overcome that factor.

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