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Microsoft. We thought this company had heard the voice of reason by following the recent Ballmer’s resignation from his CEO role, but now the Redmond company decided to acquire Nokia. With the Nokia acquisition, Microsoft has decided to be part of the mobile market, but they haven’t still understood that they should focus on something else instead of pursuing a mere dream.

The last acquisition has really showed us what Microsoft is, a dead company which doesn’t have any idea what it’s doing. It seemed it was enough for the month and that they couldn’t do anything worse – at least until the end of the month. Microsoft and Nokia have however kept doing the only thing that they know how to do, insulting the competition.

As soon as the new iPhone was out, the Nokia UK twitter account started making fun of the new product. The smallest company on the market should start learning from those who innovated and created the market with the first smartphone ever, the iPhone. For Nokia this is optional, because the arrogance they have is preventing them from discerning between right and wrong.

On the other side, Microsoft has produced its own video. In this clip, there are two employees who are trying to pitch a third person (probably the CEO) with stupid and ridiculous ideas. Even though they wanted to show how simple and less innovative the new iPhone is, they have insulted a whole company that has worked hard to produce the best product on the market.

Microsoft should stop laughing at Apple and start innovating in new markets. With the raise of tablets, in particular iPads, Microsoft’s Windows revenue is drastically falling. Further the iPhone is close to be a bigger business than Microsoft. This is not the right time for laughing, but for innovating.

On the same wavelength, Microsoft has made another attempt to convince iPad’s users to switch to Surface. The company is offering 200$ for used iPads and hoping you will switch to their product. What it might seem a marketing campaign, it turns to be a poor attempt from a company that was leading the market less than ten years ago.

Personally, I don’t have preferences and I don’t even like iPhones. What we like to see are companies that innovate in order to produce the best products. Making fun of the competition is the worst thing you can do in terms of marketing. If you really want to beat them and win, you have to ignore your competitors and produce something that is a way better than their product. Ignoring them is the best way to defeat them. If they don’t exist for you, they won’t exist for your costumers. The game is simple, but Microsoft hasn’t really got the point.

We still think there is a chance to be back in the game for Microsoft, but they really need to find a great and innovative CEO.

Edoardo Moreni

Blogger, Political Activist, Computer Scientist and Italian.