Microsoft Has Lost Momentum

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In some circumstances in order to define a company dead, you don’t need to look at its Market Capitalization or at its revenues, you just need to see who is driving that company. Steve Ballmer has been the Microsoft CEO for the past years, driving one of the most well known companies in the world (which I personally don’t like). After stepping down as CEO of Microsoft, Bill Gates definitely left his full time role at Microsoft, leaving the CEO seat to his old friend from Harvard, Ballmer.

His aim to become a great CEO and that constant effort to be like Steve Jobs has pushed Steve Ballmer over his own limits. As you can easily watch from the video above. However the main point of this blog post is not about Ballmer and his attitude about being the CEO of Microsoft, but it is about Microsoft itself.

Microsoft New Logo Microsoft Has Lost Momentum
A company that with Bill Gates was the first to deliver a tablet on the market, now it is the last. A company, as many others, that doesn’t know how to innovate. Microsoft is just copying Android and iOS in order to be on the mobile market. However this time Microsoft won’t win in the long run, because the mobile market is free from the monopoly that this company has built in the desktop market.

Have you ever wondered why you must buy a PC with Windows on it? Why should we pay for the license if we don’t want it? Yes, we can be refounded, but why should I waste my time? These are just a few questions that thousands of GNU/Linux users have always wondered and unfortunately there haven’t been many answers to these questions.

Surface is just another tablet and it’s late. The market is so overcrowded and there is no space for another tablet. This company is late and what it is sad about it is that they didn’t even know what to do they just thought it was a good idea to go into the tablet market years after Google and Apple. What we have to reckon is the fact that they changed the way we use a tablet, by introducing a new different User Interface that is a complete paradigm shift from the common UI that we receive when we buy a tablet from Samsung or Apple. However that was the minimum they could do if they didn’t want to get sued by one of the previous two companies.

Microsoft Surface With KeyBoard 300x225 Microsoft Has Lost Momentum

In the past weeks, I have been able to hear a few guys from Microsoft and actually use and test Windows 8. I don’t see anything new or anything that could have a huge impact in our world. Windows 8 is just another Operative System, whose aim is to make Microsoft richer thanks to its monopoly.

The whole point is that Microsoft has lost its momentum, even if they are selling and shipping, they don’t look like a good and prestigius company anymore. They are the last, they are the ones who wait and see what the others are doing before doing something. Windows phone and Surface are just two of the dozens examples we can point out. If they want to be back in the market as never before, they need to understand a simple and easy concept to grab, “innovation”. If people drive on the right, you must drive on the left in order to see the world from a different point of view.

kinect microsoft xbox 300x156 Microsoft Has Lost Momentum

Further the only key that could lead this innovative thinking in the Microsoft environment is a specific tool that they have implemented for the Xbox, the kinect. Yes, the kinect is the most interesting thing they have, that’s the next big thing they could use to change the way we interact with digital devices. If they just acquired a single company like Leap Motion and integrate it with kinect, they would be on the wave and they could change the way we use modern computers. It’s not that difficult, you just have to think with an open mind. It’s not about money, but it’s about creating something that will have a huge impact on people’s lives.

Microsoft must become a startup again, not numerically by reducing its employees, but mentally by thinking as a young and fresh startup that wants to change the world.

Edoardo Moreni

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