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Sometimes we are pushed to believe that Facebook will be our one and only network for the rest of our lives. It makes sense, we’ve set up our base camp there and we are pretty much too afraid to leave the summit because we are trapped by our social conditioning. The world of social media is expanding at a rapid rate, the future is developing very fast and people are moving away from traditional thoughts of being always connected to everyone around them’s thoughts and moving into a new generation of global connectivity as well as privately connected individuals.

Like Google+, LinkedIn and Twitter, MightyBell aims to be the next element in the connectivity process for everyone around the world, professionally and personally. MightyBell has been in beta since June 2012 and to my knowledge has been publicly accessible for 6 months or more now. MightyBell offers a fluid and quite impressive user interface that cries simple and easy to use for anyone creating an account, MightyBell is a social network at heart but shrieks a new mantra and that mantra is “to introduce the world to the right people through smarter social networks”.

Mighty Bell SocialNetwork MightyBell   Smarter Social Networks Helping The World Grow

MightyBell is build up of smaller communities buried around the one service. When you start your account, the service introduces you to some key features. Your account seems to be split into three elements, “My Feed” which is essentially a generic social networking feature that allows users to see activities from their smaller communities and other activities, “My Communities” which are all the smaller independent communities that are run through MightyBell, similar to Google+’s feature, communities, and another called “My Invites” which helps you discover whether someone has send you anything over in regards to communities.

Another feature of the service is called “Circles”, does it remind you of something? As soon as I began to explore this feature, Circles, which is a community space to chat and post whatever you like, I had to stop, sit back and get confused… The service was feeling really fragmented as opposed to these conventional styled social network like Facebook and Google+, Circles and communities were very similar on MightyBell.

I began to discover more and more communities and explored the features of the service, after around 30 minutes I had introduced myself to many various people, some people completely outside of my professional circle (not Business related), people were welcoming and the site had a very much Google+ open arms feel to it. In relevance to social content, this was almost not existent, there was no overly liked articles, scattered images and memes as well as cheesy or un-developed statuses. People were introducing one another to each other, the communities seemed to have a network event style feel to them, it was great.

MightyBell MightyBell   Smarter Social Networks Helping The World Grow

While attempting to review this service I was actually sub-consciously highlighting a social element that yet wasn’t 100% present even with the likes of Google+ and Facebook. MightyBell was a great networking and introduction tool, with its driven focus on smaller communities, stunning user interface, interactive communities with lots of opportunities to engage and a more customised service for businesses, individuals or groups to create communities/small and smart social networks to meet new people and have a global network of people.

I will be continuing to explore the world of MightyBell in the hope of finding something of interest that will help me progress forward. It’s another great tool in hunting for more depth of the world wide web and something that I would highly recommend looking into.

Incoming President of Igniting Enterprise, Founder at Learn Communities, Productivity Expert, Social Media Enthusiast, Business Student at Plymouth University.