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In the past couple of years I have been using Spotify more and more, to the point where almost every day I have ever changing playlists for the myriad of moods that I can find myself in at any given moment. Sometimes I fancy myself a bit of a – perhaps amateur – “house-party DJ.” Spotify encourages you to share your music, to discover new tracks, groups or genres with your friends and quite often, I like keeping an up to date playlist for gatherings or parties. Sometimes though, merely queuing the next song isn’t enough, people want to mix tracks and to add a little personal flair to their favourite songs by creating something different.

I rejoiced then, upon the release of the iPad app, Pacemaker. This app is similar to those already on the market in the Apple app store such as the Traktor and Djay song mixing apps but there is one key difference, which for me was a deal breaker. Upon downloading the (free) app, you are given a surprising option which gives this app its USP. It’s possible to sign in with a Spotify account, allowing access to a catalogue of around 20 million (and counting) songs that you can mix, scratch and edit to your heart’s content.

Within the surprisingly responsive touch interface it’s possible to do most things that current DJ apps offer. You can edit the gain, treble and bass of individual tracks, change the tempo, sync the beats of two different songs, create loops in certain sections of a track and much more, there are for sure too many options to list.

I’ve found that even as a novice, it’s very easy to get to grips with the app, which contains handy easy-to-understand tutorials to get people making their own mixes and playlists. It is of course possible to also use the mp3 library on your mobile device within the app, but I found the idea of using every Spotify song much more appealing due to not having to download in advance the songs that you want to mix.

This app is free and it doesn’t have adverts so their sole revenues come from quite reasonable In App Purchases. They don’t provide anything crucial to the functioning of the app, but merely more specific tools for those who want to delve even further into the world of amateur DJing and mixing. It’s quite refreshing to see that not all companies feel they have to use cheap, underhand tactics to sneakily extort money out of customers through In App Purchases.

If you, like me, definitely enjoy your music and want to take it to the next level by making your own mixes, I strongly recommend that you download the app here.

Article Pic Be The Next Avicii With Pacemaker

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