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In the 21st century having automated doors that open and close with the help of sensors and pressure pads are fairly common but now a new innovative technology has been created by Ninja Blocks. Their previous invention also called Ninja Blocks used the app system on our iPhone’s and iPad’s in order to control our surroundings. Now they have taken it a step further; the company realised that it is easy to connect everything together but the new challenge is to know when they should play a part in our daily life.

This is where the Ninja sphere comes in, which can be viewed as a solution to this problem and certainly an upgrade from the Ninja Block. Basically, the ninja sphere will learn about or us or more specifically our patterns and the environment that we reside in. It uses the data from sensors and actuators to build a model that can identify if anything is out of place. This includes checking temperature, lighting, energy usage, the presence of us, our pets and so much more. Using this data the sphere is able to advise and give us control if needed.  For example, if we had left the heater or lights on; with this unlike the old system there will be no need for constant downloading of different apps or upgrading.

Small, useful and convenient it’s a wonder it hasn’t become a staple in households already. One of its more futuristic features is its gesture control that creates a more natural way in which we interact with our environment and so goes beyond just using an app. The company have been able to develop a mechanism that with a swipe of our hand allows us to control our homes as well as page through information in relations to it.

The best part about this system is that one of its core functions is built on is security standards and open protocol so that we can be sure of the system we are taking into our homes. Before their client code and hardware had been an open source but now they will be trying to open up a new platform for this to bring in more elements to be able to continue releasing services, modules and more.

ninja sphere The Ninja Sphere is Now Here

One would think that with so many different elements to this that there must be a downside to this new device. Well in my humble opinion besides the fact that it has yet to be to the mass market there had yet to be any fault I can see as the business clearly states that they understand that the development would take a lot of hard work and time and needs to be done responsibly thus having some sense of corporate responsibility.

From an economical point of view, overall it decreases wasteful usage of energy that usually results from leaving a light switch on or having to go back home to feed ones pets. However, some may argue the point that it will make humans even lazier than we already are by not being forced to even get up to turn something off and other theorise that it could lead to the paranoid opinion of a robot takeover if it is able to learn about our routines. My argument to that is that any technological advancement leading to AI is unwarranted as we understand the consequences of that plus merely recording down daily routines is fairly easy as humans tend to be repetitive creatures.

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