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Personally, I believe that the healthy food revolution in the UK began in 2005, when Jamie Oliver launched the “Feed Me Better” campaign; a campaign to move British schoolchildren towards healthy foods and reduce the amount of junk food they consume. Since then, there has been a renewed and increased focus on maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Here in 2013 we care a lot more about what we eat than in previous years – due to this the healthy foods market has grown astronomically and the food industries have responded to this increased demand in kind.

This is where Nom Foods come onto the scene.

Nom Foods, a relatively new start-up, was launched with this market in mind. The first products they launched were the “Nom Bars”, a “new type of organic health food bar” aimed at providing tasty, healthy, organic nourishment for those who crave it. Steph and Justin (Nom’s co-founders) seem to have done their research, with a vast array of superfoods – including coconut oil and cacao nibs to name but a few – packed into their three different bars, they’ve really found some special unique ingredients. What’s more, the website also states that all of their recipes are “100% organic and are certified by the Soil Association to their exacting standards”.

And the name?

(The founders) began to sample the bars amongst friends and family, and the feedback was unanimous: “nom nom nom [...] the bars which speak for themselves – naturally, organic matters

In a market which has had the investment of so many different companies in recent years, it seems that Nom Foods are trying to place themselves as the new vibrant health bar with the highest standard of quality and organic produce.

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Diversification is crucial in the healthy foods market

Clearly they’ve got a good product, thus far a quick glance at their stockist list shows over fifteen distributors of Nom Bars which encompass online and physical retail spaces where you can get your health bar fix. With this combination of outlets they have – for such a new start-up – done really well in getting themselves positioned across the country. Most recently the business has announced that they are going to diversify into making granolas, a clever move considering the similarities in ingredients.

They seem to have come in with the right product at precisely the right time. The demand for healthy food bars has never been higher and although the market already has plenty of competition, I am sure that Nom Foods have, and will continue to set themselves apart from the rest.

The lovely people at Nom Foods have also agreed to an interview and to send me some samples, so come back soon for a product review and an insightful interview!

James McClaren

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