Investing in originality will pay off

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Imagine going to a conference, and the keynote speaker shows up and displays this picture,

Apple logo Think Different Investing in originality will pay off

or this picture,

wonderful island 1024x640 Investing in originality will pay off

or this picture.

you can do it 791x1024 Investing in originality will pay off

He thinks he’ll impress you. Nope. It’s 2014. Anything, anyone is about to show you, you’ve probably already seen. In fact, chances are, that even if you haven’t seen it, you’ll pretend like you have because you’re so embarrassed you haven’t.

In my opinion, and this will probably be the crowd’s feeling as well, if you someone does show those images, the automatic assumption is that they are either lazy or clueless. Or both. But this goes far beyond just pictures.

These days you can’t get away with anything that’s not original. From ideas, to presentations, to the things you say, to your logos. Even if you have thought of something at the same time with another person, and the other person got the idea out first, you’re doomed.

You’re probably thinking that it has always been that way. And you’re right, but it’s worse now. “Because internet.” Everything is shared, and more often than not, over-shared. Moreover, everything is available with the touch of a button. Can we categorize it as an “issue” though? I don’t think so. See, there used to be a time were you could get away without being completely original. Things have changed however, now you have to be creative to succeed, you have to be original. “Think different” is not something that is simply used for motivation anymore, rather, it has become our daily reality. That’s a great thing, of course. Especially for the end user.

The great news is with the teams that are now just beginning to launch their products. These young companies have the opportunity to build an entire culture on being original. It can begin from something as small as their business cards, and go to the way that they present their ideas to their potential clients. People respond to something that is moving versus than something standing still. They will respond if you are being different.

Originality doesn’t come cheap of course. Uniqueness and customization comes with high costs. Both monetary as well as social costs. We all know the monetary part. The social aspect of it however is that it will usually take some time for people to get used to you being original. Jealousy and discomfort will both play their role, whether you like it or not.

In the end though, it will be worth it. Because people will remember you, and that’s all that you really want.

Angelos is enthusiastic about all things tech and innovation. He is a big fan, and an advocate, of interdiscipline collaboration. He holds a BS in Construction Management, a Minor in Business Management and is currently working toward completing his MS in Project Management and Corporate Communication.

  • Giacomo

    i believe that creativity is being abused and raped from people who have the no fucking idea about it claiming and pretending that role: The Creative.

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