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Pinterest Logo 150x70 Pinteresting, the way software changes urban dictionaryPinteresting is the new word of the moment, because everything that is interesting on Pinterest becomes Pinteresting. This is not just a great example to point out how Pinterest has become famous and how used it is; this is a remarkable example to underline how a simple and good software can change our urban dictionary.

After taking over several networks, Pinterest is now leading as the third most used social network in the United States. What they introduced isn’t just another way to share our daily activities, but a different way to be social on the interenet.

However the significant fact is how a software can change the way we talk. This is not the first time. In 2004 at Harvard the hot sentence was “Facebook Me”. People invented a faster way to express the connection that there was on Facebook. Although it could turn to be an unuseful thing, the name that you choose for your product is crucially important for your startup. However It is not always easy to pick up a name that is able to reflect your company’s philosohpy and way of thinking.
twitter blue logo 150x150 Pinteresting, the way software changes urban dictionary
An extremely important example is Twitter. The most used micro blogging platform has been built around a name. With a good taste, the founders understood the importance of choosing the right name for a company. Thanks to this choice we can refer to Twitter’s messages as tweets and we can just say tweet me and retweet me. In many cases this happens without even planning it, but what it is great about Twitter is that they chose to do it purposely.

The Pinteresting fact about Pinterest is that it changed the way we expressed statuses, facts, likes and even feelings. With more than 104 Million visits in Febraury Pinterest is behind Twitter as the most visited social network in the United States. People are bored to share what they want to share always in the same way, they are looking for something new and remarkable. Pinterest, with other platforms such as Instagram, is the answer to this need.

Pinterest logo Pinteresting, the way software changes urban dictionary

Another key ingredient in this social network, which reflects the importance of branding, is the way they used marketing. As Twitter did, inside the network the main action is part of the product’s name. When you share a picture with your followers, you “Pin it”. When some board is really astonishing, it becomes Pinteresting. People who share their pictures are “Pinners”. In the same way when you decide to re-share something, you “re-pin”.

Branding is essential when you are building a company. However most of the people don’t care about this aspect and they turn to have amazing products with ugly names. The key should be to find a balance between the two things in order to be competitive on the market. On the other hand the success is reached through an incredible product with an outstanding name. These things can’t be taught, the knowledge of the market and what the user wants can be just experienced day by day, learning from mistakes and failures.

Let’s Pin it!

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  • Edoardo Moreni

    Well, you understand branding from the way it affects you not from the way the data talks. What I really found interesting is how easier words can be introduced in urban dictionary.