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Newspapers are not going to be printed anymore, and there is an app that is thinking about it. It’s PressReader, a killer newspaper app for iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Phone and Blackberry. What they are trying to achieve is to bring every single newspaper on Earth in your phone.

With over 2,300 newspapers from 96 countries in 54 languages directly on your
favorite mobile device, PressReader really is the perfect app for essentially all
entrepreneurs and technology fanatics!

What I firstly found interesting about PressReader is the massive amount of newspapers that you can read with just one click. I have never seen an app, which is on every platform, that is able to deliver you more than 2,300 newspapers from 96 countries. The ability of distributing a huge number of newspapers was my first real impression.

I have tested it on my iPad and what I noticed was a quick way to zoom into the articles, which is not supported by any reader. Further, if you are blind or you have eyesight problems, you can easily listen to publications using on-demand audio, which is quite nice, even if you are not blind and you just want to relax by listening.

You can choose between two main subscription plans: the casual readers or newspapers lovers. The former is for people who don’t read every day and that’s way it is a pay as you go plan, with a price of 0.99$ per download. The latter, as it’s called, is for people who love reading newspapers; the price is set to $29.25/month, and you can read as many publications as you want (unlimited access).

Reading is a constantly part of my life, especially reading newspapers; so I had a first good impression on PressReader, which was cause of the idea behind it. However I think they have to work more on the UI, which even if it’s not that important for an app like that, it makes a good impression on the present and future costumers. Moreover they need to keep expanding their database magazines, which, in my personal situation (Italy), wasn’t that great; but this is something that they can easily improve.

In the same way, if I had to choose a subscription plan, I would stick to the first one, which seems to be more appropriate for my personal needs; but what they could consider is another plan, which is based on your country’s newspapers. This might be really interesting and even more appropriate for people who want to read every newspaper of their country.

They also have to find a way to lower the second subscription plan, because I think it scares people. I can pay three times less and have the whole music industry on my computer, why would I want to have 2,300+ newspapers and magazines per day? What I generally feel to say is that the idea is good and even the reader, but the subscription plans might be changed in the future to attract more people.

In the overall Press Reader is a good app, given the fact that it is on every available platform.

Edoardo Moreni

Blogger, Political Activist, Computer Scientist and Italian.