Samsung And Apple Two Children Playing A Poor Game

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galaxy s2 iphone 4s Samsung And Apple Two Children Playing A Poor Game Samsung and Apple have been fighting a long and exhausting lawsuit in the past months. The trial has just ended and it seems that Apple won the “battle” in terms of money, up to 1B$. On the other hand Samsung has not gained anything from this trial. We started the year with the Yahoo-Facebook trial and now we end the summer with this one.

We don’t think Patents are right and we believe these two companies have been playing a poor game. This game didn’t end with a winner, because at the end we have lost. Innovation and technology have been killed. Users who believe in a better future that can be improved by these two companies are disappointed, but most of all sad. Once again, Patents have killed what we love, technology.

These two companies, instead of innovating, have lost thousands of dollars in a stupid and nonsense lawsuit. How can you claim to own an a software idea? How can you claim to own a design? How can you claim to own an algorithm? This is not fair and this will never be.

Innovation should be led by both companies and they should compete in terms of products and new interesting ideas, if one copies a design it won’t mean anything for the other company. The final aim should be the costumers and what they feel about the product and the brand. However these capitalistic companies believe that the aim is the money and the complete control of their industry.

We can not just stand and see these two giants childrend fighting randomly, we must stand once more against Software Patents and their absurdity. We believe in a free world, a world made of a free society and free ideas. We want that world and we claim it.

Please, Stop Software Patents.
end software patents Samsung And Apple Two Children Playing A Poor Game

Edoardo Moreni

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