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Airtime 1024x404 Sean Parker And Airtime

Is Airtime The Next Big Thing?

Sean Parker is constantly trying to innovate the tech world in an unusual and interesting way. After being featured by our Top Tech Living Entrepreneurs list as the first real Entrepreneur in Silicon Valley, we decided to dedicate a blog post to his new idea. In fact the notorious Entrepreneur is ready to launch Airtime with his ex-colleague Shawn Fanning, with which he worked at Napster.

With a relevant and good knowledge of Social Networks at Facebook, as president, and at Plaxo, as a co-founder, he knows what it is next. From what we have been able to understand and from what he said, it is now time to meet the people we don’t know in a different way. This should be the primary concern for Sean Parker, who wants to make this world more social with Airtime.

In the area of Twitter and Facebook, we communicate at an energic speed rate with almost most of our friends, but we really can’t find people with which we share the same ideas. For this reason, leaving back the dating sites, it should be time to have a free service that would be able to let us know people who really we could find interesting.

This is the idea behind Airtime, a startup, whose aim should be to let the people know each other in a different way. This idea is not mind blowing, but it destroys what we have believed to be social in the last ten years. In the common thought Social has been something we share with the people we know and with pretty well known circle of people such as family and colleagues.

However it seems it is time to try something different. Why shouldn’t geeks encounter on the internet? Why shouldn’t artist be able to meet on the internet? Why shouldn’t we meet people that fit our ideas? In the past years, forums and blogs have made the difference letting us express ourselves behind nicknames and small avatars; but today is time to remove these barriers and start video chatting, in order to build a different community around us, through videos and physical interactions.

After being working on the startup for more than a year, Sean Parker and Shawn Fanning are ready to announce it to the world on June 5th. We just hope they have done something great in order to make this world a better place to share our ideas and thoughts.

(Watch the video at 5:20 to understand what it is next for Sean Parker)

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