Thank God, Ballmer Is Gone

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Thank God. Steve Ballmer has ended is Microsoft experience after resigning from his CEO role. A new era starts for one of the biggest corporations on the planet that hasn’t been able to innovate in the past years. Microsoft, thanks to his executives, has failed wherever has tried to make an impact. However it will never be easy to destroy the empire that Bill Gates has built around Windows and the Microsoft Office suites, which have given momentum to a dead company.

The recent failures in releasing a decent Operating System (Windows 8), a good tablet and a nice phone have probably made Ballmer think about Microsoft’s future and his reputation as a manager. Maybe it’s not too late for Microsoft, but this guy had to realise these things years ago; instead of persisting in doing something that he doesn’t know how to do, the CEO.

What makes this story remarkable is that even the board of directors hasn’t noticed anything in the past years. They should have fired the guy before, without any notice. Is the board behind this resignation? We don’t know, but we think that someone has made the right choice. There is no way to explain why Microsoft’s stocks have risen after the announcement.

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Microsoft is facing one of the best opportunities of the last decade, they can actually have a great CEO. Who are they looking for? I don’t know, but I can tell you who I can see for that role. They might choose a woman under the 40s by following Yahoo’s move with Marissa Mayer; which will give to the company a great push in getting the momentum they have lost. On the other hand they might consider a guy under 30s. A guys who has got the right experience, that knows what Innovation means and that can push Microsoft forward.

What Microsoft doesn’t need now is a manager. Even though it’s a huge corporation, which is difficult to drive, a manager, with the right experience, will fail. Managers don’t take the risk to Innovate, they don’t see further and they don’t even challenge the company. The only thing they are able to do is to look at the finance and try to be positive, but that’s not what this company needs.

Microsoft has to look for ideas, innovation and smart people. In other words it must become a startup once again, because it’s the only way to be competitive in the market, which rewards people who innovate and have great ideas. That’s why they must get a young guy supported by an experienced manager that can work from a COO role.

The duality between a manager and a young guy will create the perfect mix to innovate and see further.

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