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We are approaching a new year, the 2013. At the end of each year, we usually make predictions about the next year and focus on what it could be next on the market or on the internet. In the last ten years, there has been a huge improvement in the modern Technology and in the way we interacted with it; new devices and products are ready to be released. The 2013 will be the year in which we make the big step that divides us from the past to the future.

What I mean is that we are going to make the first step toward a world in which we interact with the Technology that we wear and with the Technology that we use. Thanks to our voice or simply by using our hands or even eyes, we will use new products in a way we didn’t do it before. There are four products that we think are gonna have a big impact in the coming year.

The Four Products And The Paradigm Shift In 2013

#1 – Google Glass

google  The Best Is Yet To Come   Tech 2013

The first big expectation for the 2013 is Google Project Glass. When we watched that demo at Google Input/Output in June, we couldn’t believe what we were in front of. However the most exciting thing was that the people who were at the conference, where able to book a beta glass for just $1500, which are going to be delivered in January, as they promised. If they are able to reach the perfection that we watched in their presentation video, the world will change completely. Without any doubt this is the most expected product in 2013, because it is going to give us a new way to use the technology that every day we have in our pocket or in our laptops.

#2 – Pebble

get pebble watch The Best Is Yet To Come   Tech 2013

The second big expectation is Pebble. The most founded project on Kickstarter should be ready to deliver its first watches in 2013 at some point. We have been waiting for this moment too long and now it seems closer than before. With the introduction of Pebble in our lives, we are going to interact with our smartphones through our watches. This is going to be the first step toward the transformation that every single object will face in the next years, the connection to the internet and the ability to support apps. Watches will be the first thing, then everything will follow.

#3 – LeapMotion

leap motion The Best Is Yet To Come   Tech 2013

We are all waiting for this product, leapmotion. For the first time ever the way we use our laptops and desktop computers will change. We won’t use a keyboard anymore, we won’t type anything, we will just use our hands and the way they move. This is a huge step toward a new technology that will change the world. Keyboards and the common interaction with smartphones are a dead point, we have come to the point that the machine has to understand us and act as we want; we don’t have to tell anything to our machines anymore. They simply understand what we want by studying us.

#4 – Raspberry Pi

Raspberry pi logo The Best Is Yet To Come   Tech 2013

This year that is coming is going to be a big challenge for Raspberry Pi, the project that was born with the aim to improve the common computer science skills in young kids. From 2006 Raspberry Pi has been growing and producing new hardware that has made that dream a reality. Following that dream, the team behind Raspberry Pi has been able to build a cheap and modern solution to expensive hardware. With just thirty dollars you can now buy a credit-card sized computer board that plugs into a TV and a keyboard. Raspberry Pi is a miniature ARM-based PC which can be used for many of the things that a dekstop PC does.

These four product will have a huge impact in 2013, these four products have grasped what we mean for “innovation”, now we hope that the other startups and company that are looking at this innovation, will understand what it really means.

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