The Best Marketing Campaign of 2013

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Branding is the second thing that an Entrepreneur must know how to accomplish after building a product. Marketing is what you do to build a brand in order to encourage costumers to buy your product. The process of marketing is what unearths and activates buyers. On the other hand, Branding is what makes a costumer loyal and gives respect to your product.

The first way to understand branding is to know how to build a brand, and that’s what marketing is for. In the Tech history a few companies have understood the importance of branding through successful marketing campaigns, such as the Apple 1984 Super Bowl commercial introducing Macintosh or Samsung’s “The Next Big Thing is Already Here”. These people saw what others didn’t see by creating the best video commercials, the best mottos and communities.

Steve Jobs, when he was working at Apple, was able to build an idea behind an Apple’s product. That’s where the motto “Think Different” comes from. People who were buying Apple’s computers were different from the crowd, because they were thinking in a “different” way. In the same way, Samsung, with the 2012 campaign, wanted to make you think that the next big thing, the most awaited product of the year, was theirs.

Although these seem simple concepts, it’s the way you show them that makes the difference. The emphasis is what matters when you are selling something. You must encourage people to buy what you are selling. In the past, we have seen great Super Bowl Commercials and the Audi’s one really focuses on what we have said.

Marketing is tactical and you are not always forced to use an Ad or make your costumers believe something about you. There is often the case where you just need to make a little change to your product. This is what Coca Cola has done in the last months. They have just added a name, a random one, on their product. Coca Cola’s campaign is called “Share A Coke With”.

share a coke 640x359 300x168 The Best Marketing Campaign of 2013The aim is to involve people to buy a Coke for their “friends”, “family”, “love”, “Edoardo” and many other names. The idea is literally outstanding because they haven’t spent anything in advertising. They have just written something without any effort. I have seen people buying a Coke not because they wanted one, but for the sake of the name. For the first time ever, I have found a Coke in my fridge, and the only reason was my name printed on it.

This is definitely the best marketing campaign of 2013. Further Coca Cola has taken this campaign to the next step by letting people print what they wanted on their Cokes. As they say on their website:

We’ve worked closely with an independent expert to pick 250 of Great Britain’s most popular names and we hope you can find yours below. But if you can’t, don’t worry. We’ll be touring the country later on this summer, so everyone will have the chance to get a personalised Coke bottle then. Watch this space for more information.

With more than 72 million likes on Facebook, Coca Cola has just started its marketing campaign in order to make its brand stronger day by day. If they want to make the difference they will keep using this successful marketing campaign in the next years, because it makes drinking a Coke a more friendly experience. In this case, Coca Cola has touched people’s feelings by forcing, in a peaceful way, its costumers share a Coke with the friends they want.

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