Five Geeky Christmas Present Ideas

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We here at GreatPreneurs are big fans of tech and Christmas is probably one of the best times of the year for when it comes to acquiring new pieces of technology to play around with and incorporate into your everyday life. Below are five good geeky Christmas ideas, whether you’re buying for someone else, or just want to treat yourself. Some of these – as of yet – aren’t actually on the British market, but before Christmas with the right amount of funding could be!

#1 The Oculus Rift

I must say that this one is very close to my heart, after trying one of the first models at Manchester’s PlayExpo, I have realised that there really is no better way to immerse yourself in a video game than by using the Oculus Rift virtual reality technology. Forget the Xbox One and the PS4, this is what you really want.

Oculus Rift 300x168 Five Geeky Christmas Present Ideas

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Yes, it’s quite costly – the US developers kit costs $300 – but such a relatively simple change in the way that we can play video games can turn current or even previous generation video games into a profound experience. Even a simple tech demo at the PlayExpo made me – perhaps rather worryingly – feel like my own life was at stake within the game. Even though the graphics weren’t particularly new, demanding on the computer or very detailed, the Oculus Rift still made me forget about all that.

Whether you know or are a pro gamer, a casual gamer or a tech fanatic, the Oculus Rift is certainly a great gift idea and it will certainly be on my Christmas list. You can order the Oculus Rift developers kit, which still has several games available, right here.

#2 The Pine

Off of the back of Samsung’s lacklustre smart watch offering with the ‘smart’ gear, many companies are preparing their own answers to this – as of yet – unsaturated mobile technology market. This season  is where we will see smart watches take the furore and truly come into their own.

With this in mind, we have the Neptune Pine, an Android, Jelly-Bean smart-watch that looks like it’s really going to shake up the smart watch market. Much unlike the Galaxy Gear and the Pebble, the Pine will be able to make calls, bluetooth enabled – thus making it far easier to connect headphones to the device – and will run standard Android apps. At the kickstarter pledge of $199 for the full 16gb model it’s pretty good value compared to Samsung’s massively overpriced $300 Galaxy Gear. I must say, it looks a damn sight better than what is currently on the market and if correctly marketed upon its release, could really dominate other smart watches.

#3 The Fuze

FUZE 300x300 Five Geeky Christmas Present Ideas

We previously covered the Fuze machine, a modification of the Raspberry Pi and there is truly no better big Christmas present for someone who wants to begin learning computer programming. It would be perfect for both younger and older people and judging from the hands-on demonstration that I received at PlayExpo 2013, it really is wonderfully easy.

#4 Next-Gen Consoles

Last week Sony released the Playstation 4; and in two days time the world will finally see the release of the Xbox One, it therefore goes without saying that one of the hottest Christmas present ideas on everybody’s mind is getting a next-gen console. It will certainly be very interesting to see how the consoles stack up against Xbox 1 300x225 Five Geeky Christmas Present Ideaseach other. What’s more, by Christmas day they should have hopefully ironed out all of the little niggles that usually accompany a new console launch. I most likely won’t be buying a new console any time soon as that would most likely mean the end of my university education, but I am nonetheless excited to have a go on them!


#5 Tablets

This year promises to be the most competitive year for the tablet computer market. It’s not exactly a (level) playing field, but finally we seem to have seen every possible iteration of the tablet computer. There’s Apple’s newly released Ipad Air, Microsoft’s Surface 2 range, Google’s Nexus 7, Tesco’s newly offering to the market, the Hudl and many other various tablets – there simply are too many to mention. If past years are to go by, there will be the usual success in sales of top end Apple products, Microsoft will somehow drastically ruin their chances of capturing any market share and the Android based tablet computers will mop up the rest of the mid-low end market.

I for one am really looking forward to seeing just what tech gifts are the most popular this Christmas, there really has never been a better time for looking for different geeky present ideas for this holiday season.


James McClaren

James McClaren is studying Arabic & Spanish at the University of Manchester and loves learning, writing and keeping up to date with upcoming technology and gadgets.