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The medium of audio is a great hassle free way to cram in some extra learning. It can turn commutes from a waste of time into a time utilised wisely – not that everything should be about efficiency and productivity of course. If you don’t use audio for learning, give it a try; it is a very low effort way to add more to your day. Here are some of my top picks, ranging from audio books to internet marketing podcasts.

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1. Seth Godin Startup School

Marketing legend Seth Godin spent a week with a group of thirty entrepreneurs, helping them develop their business ideas and realise their dreams. The recordings from his workshops can be downloaded for free and with over 15 episodes you can get an insight into some of the most valuable start up advice out there. This is some truly useful content for any entrepreneur.

2. James Caan Audio Book

In partnership with NatWest, James Caan released an app that contains an audio version of his autobiography for free. The story takes you through a journey from his humble beginnings to his current day achievement as CEO of Hamilton and Bradshaw and Dragons Den star. It is read by the entrepreneur himself making it even more engaging and bringing an element of passion to the audio.

3. Tropical MBA

Dan and Ian from the Tropical MBA podcast provide a wealth of information to help entrepreneurs grow their business from anywhere in the world. They are location independent entrepreneurs who bring some real from the trenches business advice. For those who are unfamiliar with the term ‘location independent entrepreneurs’, it is what it says on the tin – running a business that is not constrained to one physical location. This movement, as it may be described, sees its beginnings from influences like the now legendary 4 Hour Workweek by Tim Ferris. Take a listen to some of the episodes from Tropical MBA for some hard hitting business tips that are outside the standard ‘startup’ mind-set.

4. Mixergy

Hosted by Andrew Warner, Mixergy has been built to showcase some of the most ambitious entrepreneurs on the planet. Every episode is an insight into the mind of someone who has created, or is creating something incredible. Andrew hosts interviews with founders who speak about their own stories. This is an extremely useful resource for any aspiring entrepreneur, the only downside being that to access the custom created courses and to the full vault of the interviews you have to pay, however this may be a well invested sum of money.

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5. Smart Passive Income

Although slightly niche, this podcast has a lot of takeaway lessons. Smart Passive Income is about creating an online business that can give you a passive or semi-passive income in the future. It is hosted by Pat Flynn, a guy who has made his living from the internet and is passionate about teaching you how to do the same thing.


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Richard Edwards is a recent graduate of the University of Manchester, he now is building his start-up business.

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