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The Top Tech Living Entrepreneurs wants to underline the best people who are working in the Entrepreneurship world at this moment. We don’t want to feature the richest people or the most famous one, we just want to write about people we think are doing extraordinary things to change the world. If you think that there are people to be featured (of course there are), please do not hesitate to leave a comment.

#1 – Sean Parker

sean parker Top Tech Living Entrepreneurs

Why is Sean Parker the first on the list? Because he is a real Entrepreneur. You don’t measure the ability to be a good Entrepreneur by the money you make, but from the things you do. He has been working in Silicon Valley since he was 18, he didn’t even go to college and he knows what to do at the right moment. If he didn’t join Facebook at the beginning, probably Facebook wouldn’t have any chance to succeed or to become what it is today. Further he is not well known in San Francisco just for being the former and the first Facebook’s president, but because he tried (and he is trying) twice to revolutionize the music industry. He first started Napster and he failed with it and then he moved to Spotify. What he teaches us here is to never give up if you have an idea or if you are obsessed with something you think it is important (I guess he loves music). Moreover he is launching a new platform, Airtime, which should change the way we meet people we don’t know.

#2 – Jack Dorsey

Jack Dorsey 300x199 Top Tech Living Entrepreneurs

Jack Dorsey, who was initially a programmer, soon understood the power of the internet. By starting his first company he realized how people wanted to communicate and the easiest way to do it. In 2006, with other cofounders, he launched Twitter, which after several years of hard working and efforts became the most popular micro blogging platform in the world. Later, He decided to leave the role of CEO in order to be creative on other sides. With this idea in mind he founded Square Inc. whose aim is to change the way payments act. Nowadays Square is growing day by day and it has got a large community in the US.

#3 – Dustin Moskovitz

Dustin Moskovitz Top Tech Living Entrepreneurs

He wasn’t a programmer when his friend, Mark Zuckerberg, started Facebook, but soon joined in the programming world and in the entrepreneurship one. Dustin was extremely helpful to Facebook in the early stage, helping the company to spread all over USA and Europe. Thanks to his own strategies Facebook within two years spread all over colleges and high schools. He was one of the forerunners of the Social Networking World, who agreed in the vision to make the world more open and connected. Later, when everything was set up, he decided to leave Facebook to start his own idea of company with a former Google employee. After developing the product, he launched Asana, an outstanding tool to manage tasks and things to do, in a team. Furthermore he is the youngest billionaire in the world.

#4 – Adam D’angelo

adam dangelo 300x225 Top Tech Living Entrepreneurs

Adam D’Angelo is one of the best programmer in USA and a really good thinker. He started working on Wirehog, a Facebook based application, in order to let Facebook’s users share their files and music. Although Wirehog was a good idea, it was soon turned down by the Facebook’s team. However Adam D’angelo didn’t leave this company and got the role of Chief Technology Offer (CTO). He improved the platform and helped his former school mate Mark Zuckergberg, making Facebook better every day. However he later left Facebook to launch his own startup, Quora. Quora is one of the most useful tools ever invented. It could seem to you like Yahoo Answer, but when you start using it you see that it is on a different level.

#5 – Kevin Rose

Kevin Rose Top Tech Living Entrepreneurs

Another interesting young man, another drop out. After dropping out of college in 1998 Kevin Rose chose to become an innovator. He first worked for television for a while, but then he started a new startup with a group of friends called Digg. Digg was a social news website, whose aim was to make the news faster and more social. Nowadays it is the first social news website on the internet and the company has more than fourty employees. The success of Digg, led the election of Kevin Rose as one of the top innovators in the world for MIT technology review. Later, he launched Pownce and sold it, and he founded Milk, a company whose aim was to build mobile applications. The first application that Milk released was Oink, which gained a lot of attention. This attention moved to a Google’s acquisition. Further Kevin Rose is also an investor; he invested in several companies such as Twitter, Foursquare, Square and Facebook.

#6 – Mark Zuckerberg

Mark Zuckerberg 200x300 Top Tech Living Entrepreneurs

Mark Zuckerberg shouldn’t make the list because he really is not an Entrepreneur. However with this recent IPO and the way Facebook is expanding, we decided to write about him. As we all know, at Harvard he developed a system to keep the students in touch with the aim to “share and stay more connected”. With the help of Sean Parker, Dustin Moskovitz and Adam D’Angelo (and many others), he has been able to create the most used social network in the world. Nowadays Facebook has 901 million active users every month and half of them log into the site every day. Although he lacks the qualities we usually see in an Entrepreneur, he had the ability to build a huge ecosystem.

#7 – Jeff Bezos

Jeff Bezos 200x300 Top Tech Living Entrepreneurs

Jeff Bezos applied at Princeton University with the aim to pursue a degree in Physics, but then he understood that he loved computers so much. With this technical background in the middle of the 90′s he started a company called Amazon. This company was one of the first to sell books online. This simple and practical idea turned to be a billion dollar market. Years later, after being positive and after great revenues the company filed for an IPO. Nowadays Amazon is the most imporant retailer in online shopping and it has brought huge innovation with the introduction of the Kindle and the Kindle Fire, which changed the way we read the books. Jeff Bezos made the list for two simple reasons, he changed the way we read books and the way we buy them; this was a complete revolution in the books industry.

#8 – Daniel Ek

Daniel Ek 300x180 Top Tech Living Entrepreneurs

Daniel Ek is a swedish Entrepreneur who is changing the way we listen to music. He started his entrepreneurial career when he was just 14 years old and then he never came back from this world. He founded a few startups and he has been CTO and even CEO in several companies, but then he realized that there was one need that Entrepreneurs hadn’t filled yet. That need was Music. Napster tried to solve it, but failed against the law. Spotify, the company founded by Daniel Ek, wants to change the music industry in the right way and in the legal one. With the Facebook integration and apps, which have been developed for all the platforms, Spotify is everywhere at anytime, whenever you want. By the way, he is just 29 years old.

We chose all these guys because they are pursuing their dreams no matter what others said. They have been able to fill people’s needs through their innovation and they are making this world a better place. We seriously hope that their stream of thought keeps going in order to build up the best ecosystem for human beings.

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