This Is What Facebook Should Be About

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Facebook is about sharing the things you love with the people you care about. As they also state on their homepage:”Facebook’s mission is to give people the power to share and make the world more open and connected.” In the past nine years, Facebook has focused on the connections that people were making. What they didn’t consider, from a social point of view, was the power of connecting millions of people around the world.

Even though the connections are an extremely good source of revenues that bring Facebook’s valuation up to $120B, they can be used for letting people discover new things from an educational point of view, and helping each other as a big community. In the end, Facebook is a community of people who should collaborate together.

In the last months, we have seen things that we didn’t like. In particular, the “no profit” organisation that Facebook co-founded with several other companies whose aim was to spread the use of the Internet around the world and make it accessible. It seems that sometimes, instead of focusing on its mission, Facebook tends to control whatever it can control, from users’ information to pictures especially the way that Facebook has managed privacy, which has always been a concern for its users.

However in the past few days, they have started one of the most remarkable campaigns we have ever seen. On an average day, as a normal Facebook user, I logged in on Friday morning to check my notifications and I found something really interesting on my news feed.

donate facebook This Is What Facebook Should Be About

Apparently Facebook has partnered with several no profit organisations around the world, including the Red Cross, to raise funds in order to help the Philippines. The country which has recently faced one of the worst typhoons of the last years is completely devastated and the number of deaths is countless. The population desperately needs water, shelter and especially food. That’s why the world must stand in order to help those who need.

In this kind of situation, non-profit organisations use TV, ads, and even radio programs to raise awareness about the situation in countries such as Philippines; but last Friday, for the first time ever, the biggest social network in the world was used to let people know what was happening on the other side of the world.

What Facebook has done was remarkable, because they have truly used the power they have to stand for people who really need help. Even though we are talking about a billion dollar business, there is still the opportunity to raise funds in a no profit way without always thinking about money. The power and the momentum that this platform has gained over the years can really make the difference in various third world countries, but the people behind it have to realise that it’s not just about money.

Facebook is about connecting people and if it is used in the right way, it could be an extremely useful tool for helping people. The more knowledge we share and the more we increase people’s ability to recognise what it is good or wrong and improve the places where they live. We have seen great examples and crowd funding platforms for helping and donating, but why should we focus our energies on different platforms when we have a tool that is used by more than a billion people every month?

This is what Facebook should be about. Making money is at the basis of every business, but helping others is what human beings are born for.

Edoardo Moreni

Blogger, Political Activist, Computer Scientist and Italian.