What Features Did The First Version Of Facebook Have?

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thefacebook zuckerberg moskovitz hughes What Features Did The First Version Of Facebook Have?
With the recent release of Quora embedded Quotes it seems interesting to post this amazing answer about Facebook. After watching the social network for the first time, I understood the power of the internet and where it could lead me in the next ten or twenty years. The more I watched the movie, the more I wanted to know about Mark Zuckerberg, Dustin Moskovitz and Eduardo Saverin.

For this reason I posted this question on Quora asking “What features did the first version of Facebook have?”. I didn’t think to get a precise and straight answer because at that time there weren’t so many users and the group of guys that worked on the first version was very small.

However after a few days, I received a notification with this answer. I was surprised because Adam D’Angelo, cofounder of Quora and former CTO at Facebook, had written a long and detailed answer. In that moment, apart from Dustin Moskovitz, there wasn’t anyone who could give me a better answer.

This answer points out the fact that Quora can be an extremely useful product for discovering new things about the world, but also underlines the fact that Facebook was very very neat in the first months. For this reason, we still don’t understand how it became so viral in a matter of days. The only clever explanaition is that it was so innovative and different from any other social product at that time.

Read Quote of Adam D’Angelo’s answer to What features did the first version of Facebook have? on Quora

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