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The time has come. Microsoft still needs to take a decision about its next CEO. Ballmer has resigned, but it seems the company will have to wait till the beginning of 2014 to know the name of the guy who is leading. As we previously pointed out, this company needs a turnaround strategy that is going to change a lot of things if they really want to make a huge impact in the next five years.

With the raise of tablets and smartphones, PCs are becoming useless. The consumer oriented side is moving to new technologies, while enterprise is still there and will be there long enough. However a company with all those assets from the most used operating system in the world to one of the best consoles in the market should think about innovating and taking the lead, instead of watching giants fighting.

In the next month we will definitely know who the next Microsoft’s CEO will be. I have heard people saying it should be a manager, because Microsoft is too big to be run by an unexperienced guy who doesn’t even know where to start. We have also read rumours about who might be suitable for the role. What we really think from the beginning when finally Ballmer decided to take a step back is that Microsoft needs a guy who knows what innovation means.

microsoft logo 150x150 Who Microsoft Needs As CEOThe game is all about innovating and building beautiful products. Those who follow innovators, with the same business model, fail; that’s obvious and linear, but Ballmer was too blind to understand that concept both in the smartphone and tablet market. Although Microsoft research seems to be one of the most advanced in the IT industry, it’s not used as it should be.

Stephen Elop is one of the possible candidates and probably “The Candidate”. We have got this feeling about him and Microsoft. They are too close, they have worked together and the Microsoft’s board likes Stephen Elop. He will probably be the next Microsoft’s CEO, but if he gets the position, he will destroy the company. Why? He doesn’t have a clue of what he does and he usually runs away when a company is failing. He’s the guy who destroyed Nokia by overseeing the transition from Symbian to Windows phone and he’s also the guy who sold the company to Microsoft.

nokia 1024x227 Who Microsoft Needs As CEO

Elop’s work at Nokia

On the other hand Microsoft should do what has been doing for the last years, following the trend. Marissa Mayer is an example. What if they decide to hire a young and experienced personality that really knows what technology means? Yahoo’s decision to take Marissa Mayer as CEO of the company was the smartest move we have seen in years. This woman that has been working hard for Google since the beginning knew the difference between a PC and a Tablet, she knew what an Operating System was and how to program one.

yahoo stocks 1024x242 Who Microsoft Needs As CEO

Marissa’s work at Yahoo

The Microsoft’s board must look for someone like Marissa, with the same attitude and experience. If we try to hire people who don’t know what technology is or who have destroyed previous technologies, we will change the game forever. Corporations like Microsoft must understand reality, which is not about making money, but about giving to the people products that they don’t have. Money is just a result of what you have built through creativity and innovation.

If you try to sell the same thing or something similar to a product that has been in the market for years, you will fail. That’s obvious and simple, but they still haven’t understood it. The next Microsoft’s CEO will need to have three main characteristics: youth, tech background and a mentality that is able to take the risk when there is the need to take it. If they find a man or a woman between 30-40, with these characteristics, they will have a chance to be back in the game; otherwise we’ll need to phone uncle Bill and ask him to solve the problem.

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