Why Twitter Won’t Fail

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480px Twitter 2010 logo.svg  Why Twitter Wont Fail

Recently we posted an article about Why Facebook Will Fail. Now we thought it was the right time to write something about Twitter.

Twitter has become one of the greatest company in the Social Networking world. It is used by artists, stars, companies and startups. Its great power is that with Twitter you can reach your audience in a faster way than in other services.

Further with its latest updated the “NewNewTwitter” things got better and better. Everything was started from a small team of people, who thought that people could communicate through sms and short messages in a great way. In this way, Jack Dorsey who was one of the cofounders of twitter started what soon became the most interesting thing of the last ten years:


Nowadays Twitter has a new structure.

  • More than 300 million users.
  • More than 600 employees.
  • Twitter.com is at the ninth place in the Alexa Rank.
  • Further Twitter has driven many campaigns and revolutions around the world.

Beyond that we think that Twitter won’t fail in the next years. Why ?

  • Flexibility: Twitter can be used from anywhere, you don’t need an app, you don’t need a computer, you just need a tweet and a mobile. This great characteristic has made twitter so unique and popular. People who own a phone and who have an idea can share that idea with over 300 million of users.

  • Rapidity : ” Twitter is faster than an Earthquake “, this motto was showed in an extremely interesting ad published on YouTube. This is what people are looking for, Twitter is fast and reliable.

  • Content: It can be one of the best ways to read news and to publish news. The Arab Spring was driven by Twitter. Anonymous and Occupy Wall Street are using it. Further it is used by media. With a single tweet people can change the world, they can express their ides, they can see further.

  • People: Twitter is a great tool, but the people who are using it are making it better. Stars, Celebrities, Politicians, Activists, Social Groups, Startups, Companies and even the Church are using Twitter to reach people and expand their boundaries. We don’t need a newspaper anymore; if you follow the right users and you have a tweet reader, like Flipboard, you will be able to ‘read’ and get the news faster.

In conclusion what we wanted to point out is that Twitter seems to have a better “Basement” rather than Facebook. Although Facebook is going to have 1 billion users in the next future and although Facebook’s revenues are twenty times better than Twitter, Facebook doesn’t have a good structure. 1 billion user can change service in one day not in a decade, if their needs aren’t filled by the service..

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