Winter Is Coming, As Well As A Tech War

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It happens every year, various companies announce their “groundbreaking” new developments and products in their specific fields, their competitors then announce even better pieces of kit and start the increasingly intense waves of advertising as Q4 looms. This year is no exception, but so far it promises to be one of the most competitive, crucial years for some of the biggest companies that we have covered. Here are some of the battles in the tech market that are going to take place in upcoming weeks, that represent deciding factors in the future of several businesses and opportunities to gain (or hold) large portions of market share.

Sony VS Microsoft

It’s safe to say that Nintendo are out of the console war, it has now become a two legged race. This Winter will see the release of two of the most highly anticipated pieces of tech in the past five years and the beginning of the next generation in video gaming. On November 15 Sony will release the PlayStation 4, whereas just one week later on the 22nd Microsoft will Xbox 1 300x225 Winter Is Coming, As Well As A Tech Warrelease the Xbox One. These are probably the most crucial releases of the decade for both companies, Microsoft has been drastically failing to gain any market share in the mobile market (also discussed further on) and definitely needs to regain consumer confidence, whereas for Sony there is the opportunity to cement themselves with a solid console launch at the same time as their main competitor – lets not forget, it took Sony almost a whole year to bring out the PS3 in order to go against the Xbox 360 – something which cost them dearly.

It will be truly interesting to see how the sales figures stack up between these two systems, Microsoft were greatly criticised at the unveiling of the Xbox One for their stance on DRM and the “always on” requirement of the Orwellian Kinect hardware; having made many u-turns these mistakes are now a mere wisp of the past, but will it be enough to combat Sony’s highly praised marketing campaign? Who are playing on the thoughts of their lifelong consumer base whilst criticising Microsoft’s moves at the same time. So far neither console seems to have game changing exclusives, nor any real unique features, they have both innovated, but in the same way so it’s almost impossible to see who will come out on top, if anyone. Alas, only time will tell, but this winter battle promises to be a true clash of the titans.

Smart Everything

It seems that everybody is jumping on the tablet bandwagon and supermarket giant Tesco is no exception with the newly released Hudl (pictured). With a lacklustre 3mp camera, a super speedy quad core processor and an attractive price tag of £119 it seems that Tesco have jumped head first into an already saturated pool of low end, Android tablet computers with the hope of selling a few and calling it a success. In a sense, they have picked the right time – that of Winter 2013 – to launch their tablet, just in time for the holiday season, but in another sense they have grossly overestimated their own capabilities. This season the markets are going to be completely fit to burst with various tablet computers vying for the discerning consumer’s pick. At the top end we have the recently announced Ipad Air, essentially a thinner Ipad 4 (no surprises there), Microsoft’s Windows 8.1 tablets, the Nokia Lumia 2520 and Surface 2 and on Friday, Samsung’s first kids’ tablet will launch in the form of the £200 Galaxy Tab 3. At the low end competing for sales we have a plethora of cheaper tablets running Android like the GoTab and various Archos’, but things seem to be dominated by Amazon’s Kindle. HUDL Picture 300x256 Winter Is Coming, As Well As A Tech WarAnd so, as we move into the holiday season, we have Apple, Samsung and Microsoft competing for the high spenders, whilst a ragtag group of Tesco and various other companies get put in their place by Amazon. My prediction is that as per usual Apple and Samsung will come out on top at the higher end of things, whilst Amazon will continue to dominate the lower end of things. It should be interesting nonetheless to see who beats the rest.

I for one will be especially interested to see how sales of Samsung’s smart watch, the Galaxy Gear stack up, so far it has been largely criticised for it’s high price tag and it seems that return rates are quite high – recent reports suggest almost 30% of these watches sold are soon being returned. It is not however too late for Samsung to pull something out of the bag, they could lower the price, update it with some truly unique features or simply market it better so people know what it is. This, folks, is certainly one to watch.

The same goes for Apple’s Iphone 5C, which seems to have been poorly thought out. As a budget option it only comes up about 30% less than Apple’s flagship 5S model, why would any consumer in their right mind buy one of these instead of either a 4S (cheaper) or a 5S (better). All they need to do is make it a slightly more attractive price and adoption rates would be much higher. As Nokia begins to regain lost ground with their budget – yet well made – Lumia range, Apple run the risk of getting absolutely no-where in the “budget” phone market.  Winter Is Coming, As Well As A Tech War

These are all things that will be decided in the upcoming months, there truly never has been a more interesting time for tech and here at GreatPreneurs we will bring you all you need to know!

Do you not agree with my opinion? Have we missed anything? Comment below with your feedback and let us know!

James McClaren

James McClaren is studying Arabic & Spanish at the University of Manchester and loves learning, writing and keeping up to date with upcoming technology and gadgets.