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The usual scene when one walks into a shopping centre is one of men sitting on chairs waiting for their wives/girlfriends/sisters and so on to finish their shopping before they head into another store where the process then repeats itself. For many men out there this is exact time they think to themselves ‘why do women like shopping?’ The answer gentlemen (and others) will be analysed in the next few paragraphs of this article. But first, ask yourself, why do men like having the newest cars, watches and so on. The reason is fairly obvious humans in general always tend to be in competition with each other, therefore in a civilised society we live in, many do this through the newest or branded goods as it is meant to reflect the status of said person. This is the main scope of my evaluation behind the shopping psychology of many people, particularly in women.

In comparison, men tend to exert their standing within society by trying to be fit and going to the gym however, in the society of women it is all about the outside appearance. Some may believe themselves to not be this shallow, but the eyes roaming the woman standing opposite you (the women reading this) speak differently. As much as we women try to deny it, evaluating people by their outward appearance is almost a primal extinct of women, a way for them to judge their competition before concluding whether they are threatened by this person. A woman’s bag, clothes and shoes is like a man’s muscle, car and money. It gives them status within our society where everyone is constantly criticised about one thing or another.

The entertainment industry constantly exaggerates the relationship of women as being dramatic and deceitful. However, as we have seen from history where men have their violence and wars, women have a more subtle way of exacting their revenge. This has evolved over the course of time to the point where a woman’s word tend to have a double entendre hence, this is again reflected in their outside image. Here is an example, for a woman, wearing the exact same dress as another is a ‘crime’ because it strips that woman of their unique appearance and puts them into direct competition with another on ‘who wore it better.’ This then leads to a judgement of who has the better body in order to make the dress look ‘stunning’ rather than just ‘good.’ Now by this point many may think otherwise but the world for women to some extent is a lot harsher then men. On the work front especially in male dominated industries women constantly want to outdo their co-workers so they are not discriminated against simply for their gender. On a wider level they do not want to seem ‘weak’ to other women who may be evaluating them on either a day to day basis or as a one-off on the street because it is more than likely that they have nothing good to say, which is identified by their speech patterns and construction.

Indeed the world of women seems harsh and unkind as illustrated by the many diets women constantly try to the fashion industry and its need to use women who are size zero to model their clothes. For many women though, this is a way of life that is preserved through the ages and will be past on to the next generation of women that are born. It is imbedded in the crux of women’s psychological make-up just like how it is instilled in men’s need to believe themselves to be right all the time and not ask for advice when their lost (I’m joking). This being said, the phenomenon of outward appearance has become more visible in men today as seen by their skinny jeans and outrageous hairstyle’s, perhaps it is possible to say that this has become shopping psychology in general.

Analissa Lim

Currently, studies Law at the University of Manchester. Interested in a wide variety ideologies, literature and business concepts.